Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Doing Us Proud

Just a quick blog today to praise the efforts of fellow PH sufferers, and transplant buddies, Kath Graham and Stacie Pridden for their brilliant efforts to get the message about organ donation across. You were both very good and if we don't get some more donors on the list just on your efforts alone I'll eat my hat.

Yes it is ITV's awareness week as they push to increase the number of people putting their names forward to be donors.

To be honest, because of work commitments, I have mostly had to watch it on catch up but what I have seen has impressed me enormously. I was sort of expecting it to be all a bit mushy but it hasn't been like that at all so far and the programmes, interviews and news stories have all be very interesting. There is a special programme on tonight which I will be watching and I urge you all to do the same.

I am feeling better but just wish I could get rid of the ache in my back. I had to resort to pain killers this afternoon, which is never a good sign.

My spirits have been raised somewhat this week by working with fellow transplant patient John. He is coming up to his one year anniversary of his transplant and is looking really well. He is excited because passing the one year point means less hospital visits and the chance of a holiday abroad. He has taken time out to talk to me and has been nothing but encouraging, something I desperately need right now. It is lovely to see such a success and I really hope I'll be following in his footsteps very soon.

Talking of which I thought my time had come on Sunday morning when the phone rang just after nine. I was downstairs feeding the cats and I just froze. I knew that if Peter came charging down the stairs it was time, but he didn't, it wasn't so I made some toast and went back to bed to read the newspaper. This is the second weird call we've had this week, maybe the third one will be the lucky one, fingers crossed.

I have continued to lose weight, another pound fell off over the weekend and I know this is a very bad sign. Today I tried to make amends with a Toffee Crisp but then ruined it all by having a salad roll for lunch and nothing but tea for the rest of the afternoon. Obviously I must try harder.

Coming home this afternoon I drove through a mini blizzard and it is still snowing now. Pretty as it is I've had enough now. Can we please have a nice, warm early spring instead?

Well as I said, this is a quickie. A bigger blog will appear on Friday, until then keep safe and if you can watch ITV tonight at 8pm or 2200 hours whichever you prefer.