Saturday, 31 March 2012

Z Cars

The woman who set herself alight is critically ill and her family are demanding that the politician that advised storing fuel in jerry cans be sacked. I feel sorry for her and her family but the politician didn't tell her to pour fuel into a jug standing next to a naked flame. You cannot legislate for people's stupidity.

What a night! Went to bed later than usual as I stayed up to watch something on TV. I had just turned the light out around midnight when I heard running footsteps go past the house. I didn't think anything of it, our road has a short cut through to the train station so people are often hurrying to catch trains. Five minutes later all hell broke loose. The police helicopter arrived first and decided to park itself right over our house. Then a police car arrived, blue lights flashing, which dived into the close opposite us before charging off up the road. A few minutes later it was charging off back down the road and the helicopter departed. Excitement over I got back into bed, turned over and a familiar sound came back to haunt me. The helicopter was back and I presume the police cars were to as there was a lot of activity. The helicopter hung around for twenty minutes and then all went quiet. It was about one o'clock by then and I was just dropping off when loud drunken voices brought me back to consciousness. Five drunks, presumably off the last train, decided to stop and have a chat and a giggle outside my neighbours house. The last time I looked at the clock it was quarter to two. I was so glad I didn't have to get up for work this morning. We had a spate of attempted burglaries last weekend so I can only think last night's activity was related to that, I will have to try and find out.

There has been a flutter of panic among the transplant community over the last few days. The liquid used to transport some organs has been found to contain bacteria. This news does not effect PH patients as the liquid in question is not used on hearts and lungs. However those who have recently had liver, pancreas or bowel transplants are at risk. Reassurance came from a transplant surgeon who said that it didn't really matter because of the amount of antibiotics transplant patients are on after the surgery. Let's hope he's right.

Weighed myself this morning and was horrified to discover I've lost more weight. Saw a box of chocolates I fancied yesterday but didn't buy. I've got a good excuse now so they will be snaffled up later today.

Spent the afternoon trying to book flights for Andrew to go to Bulgeria after his exams finish. Everything was fine until we tried to put just one bag onto the flight, for some reason every bag we put on the website doubled it and charged double too. We tried to ring the help line but it was unobtainable and the phone line to complain about the helpline was for office hours only. By the time I manage to book I'll be needing a holiday too.

Despite being kept up all hours and waking before eight I feel a lot livelier today, probably the result of having a lazyish day yesterday. Today has been a proper sloth day, A long soak in the bath, an hour or two with a good book and a film on the TV. To top it off it is Britain's Got Talent tonight and I can hardly wait. If last week was anything to go by this series is going to be a treat.

Think I will treat myself to a glass of cider or wine this evening, I don't drink very often but I've got a yearning for it today. With a bit of luck it will knock me out cold and I'll get more than six hours sleep. Here's hoping.