Saturday, 10 March 2012

Spend, Spend, Spend, Well Sort Of

I was up and out early today, well early for me, as I decided to bite the bullet and indulge in a little bit of retail therapy, something I am notoriously awful at. So we loaded up the wheelchair, all the scooters had been booked, and off we went.

Milton Keynes was really quiet when we arrived and we drove straight into a parking space right outside John Lewis which happened to be our first port of call. Our TV is about ten years old and beginning to show it's age. It takes ages to get going when you turn it on and HD it definitely isn't so I thought it was time to look for a replacement. Our choice was immediately limited because Peter won't buy anything made by Sony. don't ask me why, its some principle of his that I've long forgotten. It was a pity because there was a Sony that had been reduced and was at a really good price. After a lot of discussion we narrowed the choice down to two TV's, one Panasonic the other Samsung, and as we usually do decided to go and do our other shopping while we discussed them. As it turned out we really couldn't choose so we still don't have a new TV, yet. Hopefully we will make our choice before they sell out.

I fancied something really unhealthy and fattening for lunch so Burger King it was. Afterwards I felt a bit sick and had a raging thirst all afternoon. Maybe I shouldn't have gone that unhealthy as I imagined I could feel my blood pressure rising and my arteries furring up with every mouthful.

We were waiting for Andrew to catch us up when I spotted an old friend of mine from my time at Putteridge High School. Lyn was in the same department as myself and we often stuck together when the head and deputy head of department were having one of their little spats. We had a lovely chat where she informed me that Putteridge is going for academy status and will soon be known as Barnfield West Academy. What a shame. I hate all this academy nonsense, it destroys a school's personality and from what Lyn was saying I got the impression she didn't seem to keen on the idea either.

A spin around Boots netted me a mascara and some shower gel and then we were off home, some spending spree but I did nearly buy a TV.

Once home and armed with a lovely cuppa I settled down to watch the Wales versus Italy rugby match and I must say Wales did not get off to a promising start. Alls well that ends well though and by the final whistle Wales were very comfortably in the lead. I don't know what the Referee was doing, he seemed to be a bit of an idiot to be honest and liked the sound of his own voice. I really hope we don't have him in the next match. Next Saturday is the important one when Wales plays France. These two countries are the only ones left who could win the Grand Slam, though that could change tomorrow when France play England. Naturally I would love Wales to win the Grand Slam again so tomorrow I'll be watching the France/England match and for one of the very few times in my life I'll be cheering England on to win.

In the news the story that caught my eye was one where Coca-Cola and Pepsi have changed their recipes in order to avoid having to put cancer warnings on their drinks cans and bottles. The caramel colouring in the drinks will contain lower levels of 4-methylimidazole, which has been added to the list of carcinogens in California law. Worryingly the recipes will not be changed in Britain and we won't be getting the cancer warning either. Does that mean we are less prone to this chemical than Americans or are we just not so paranoid about what we put in our bodies? I suspect it is the latter of the two. We played host to one of Peter's American work colleagues a while ago and he wouldn't eat anything unless he'd read the label first. Even things such as milk, weetabix and bread was carefully scrutinized before he'd eat it though he was more than happy to down McDonalds burgers as though they were going out of fashion. Strange!

It is five hours since I had my burger and I'm still drinking like a fish, next time I say I fancy a burger somebody please hold me back.