Thursday, 1 March 2012

Daydream Believer

I'm a bit down in the dumps truth be told. Having not made any real improvement in the ten days since I came out of hospital I went to see my GP who immediately diagnosed infection in both lungs and promptly put me back on antibiotics. I'm beginning to wonder just when this is all going to end. I've even started to  dream about what it would be like to have new lungs. In my dreams I'm often swimming or hill walking or running through trees in the sunshine. It is quite pathetic but I have no control over my sub conscious. This will be my ninth infection since November. No wonder I've been feeling so poorly and my weight has dropped like a brick. Still I've got something for it now and with a bit of luck it will act quickly and get me back on my feet by next week.

It hasn't all been bad news in the Roberts household this week though. Apart from passing his driving test on Tuesday Andrew found out yesterday that he has been accepted on the Paramedics course at University of Hertfordshire. This is excellent news because he had been building himself up for rejection believing he'd stuffed up the interview. So come September both our babies will have flown the nest. The good thing about this uni is that it is less than an hour away so Andrew will be able to come home at weekends if he wants too. It is going to be very strange just being the two of us at home again, I'm going to have to get used to cooking for two.

Peter has come to the conclusion that it is not the head gasket that has failed, apparently this is good news. He now thinks it is the valve seals????? Anyway this is not so bad and can be fixed fairly easily, thank goodness for that.

In the news there has been reports of the deaths of two people I admired for totally different reasons. One sought out a life of fame and fortune. The other would have preferred to remain anonymous if it meant getting his old life back.

The first death is that of Davy Jones front man with The Monkees. He is usually credited as the lead singer but it was Mickey Dolenz who actually sang the lead vocals on their biggest hits so I think front man is a more accurate description. The Monkees were manufactured to be America's answer to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and began life as a TV show but it wasn't long before their music was topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. They soon became one of the top rated boy bands in the world but their fame was short lived and it wasn't long before the cracks began to show and they finally parted company. I remember watching the TV show on a Saturday morning, I must have been eight or nine at the time and loved their music, they were my first pop idols. When Davy Jones' death was announced on the news I was genuinely shocked. I'd been watching a documentary he'd taken part in only a couple of days before and although he'd aged he looked healthy enough. Too be honest I always had my money on Peter Tork being the first to go as he has battled alcoholism most of his adult life and has been very ill at times. I think Davy was the youngest of the group. The cause of death was a massive heart attack, such a shame and he was only sixty six.

The second death, and possibly the saddest of the two is that of PC David Rathband. This poor man was unfortunate enough to be targeted by killer and all round lunatic Raoul Moat who decide to blast him in the face with a shotgun. PC Rathband lost his sight as a result of this attack and only saved his life by playing dead until his attacker moved off to find other victims. Despite all the help and support he got from family, friends and the police he couldn't come to terms with his injuries and gradually his life began to unravel. He did some really good things since being injured, he set up The Blue Lamp charity to help emergency service staff injured in the line of duty and took part in numerous events to promote his cause. It wasn't enough and could not replace the satisfaction he got from policing. Sometime yesterday he decided he'd had enough and ended his life. Some will say it was suicide but an awful lot more, including myself, will always believed he was murdered by Raoul Moat.

We are off to tea at Laurence's tomorrow, I'm hoping I'll be feeling a bit better by then and will actually be able to eat something. If not I will at least enjoy seeing him.