Monday, 5 March 2012

Raining In My Heart

My friend Miriam died on Saturday, I can't tell you how that has made me feel. I will never forget her kindness and wish she were still here to help me through the dark times. Rest in peace Miriam.

It has been a pretty depressing weekend all around really. Saturday was spent in front of the TV, again, or reading on the bed between dozes. I still cannot work out why I'm so damned tired.

The weather was exceptionally warm for this time of year, which was just as well as Andrew spent the day at a barbecue party. Peter busied himself washing the cars and I had a brief longing to get out in the garden but it passed quickly and I went back to bed.

Woke up on Sunday to a deluge and a surprise. Peter has been worried that I'd cut myself off from everyone except immediate family since becoming so poorly. This is true. Figuring I needed a change he took me along to a coffee morning arranged by his fellow Alfa fanatics. I was reluctant at first because as I was meeting people I did not know it meant having to make a real effort. So I washed my hair, first time in about four days, put in my contact lenses and applied some mascara and a dash of lip gloss. By the time I'd slipped on some jeans and a nice jumper I was feeling ten times better, amazing. The drive to the venue, Costa coffee at the Roaring Meg in Stevenage, was damp to say the least, rain was coming down in sheets and the roads had deep puddles everywhere but it was just nice to see the countryside. I was absolutely delighted when we drove past a field of lambs. The get together itself was only small, less than a dozen people, the weather putting most off and we only stayed about an hour but it was enough. Peter talked cars while I dug into a milky coffee and a rice crispy and toffee cake. I was happy just to listen, I know very little about cars, even though I took a basic mechanics course when I was younger. I certainly don't know about any of the things this lot were talking about, mostly modifications.

The rain continued to pour on the way home but soon turned to sleet and then to our astonishment snow. The car indicated that the temperature had fallen by 4.5c during the drive from Stevenage to home. It continued to snow for a good couple of hours and then stopped. Thankfully the ground was too wet for the snow to settle but we were convinced that if it started again overnight it might be a different story on Monday morning. While we were out Andrew had vacuumed and mopped all the floors downstairs and had started on lunch. After lunch I just lay on the settee watching Black Adder DVD's before dozing off again.

Today I woke to clear skies, low temperatures and a stiff wind rattling the windows. Thankfully no snow overnight and by the look of the roads no rain either. I lay in bed doing a quick audit and decided that I did feel a bit better. This was confirmed when I did my peak flows and blew a good 255, the highest I've blow in the morning for weeks. I even felt like breakfast, things must be looking up.

Drinking my morning cuppa my thoughts turned again to Miriam and how much I'm going to miss our chats. I also though about how much she enjoyed life despite the PH, she never let it slow her down if there was something she really wanted to do including dancing at the PHA conference while attached to oxygen. Whadda gal!

I hadn't been up more than ten minutes when I managed to break a glass, spill water all over my bedside table and soak my pillow. I then got screamed at by Peter for climbing up on a chair to reach a book down off a shelf and the cat threw up on Andrew's bed. Don't you just love Monday's.