Friday, 30 March 2012

And The Darwin Award Goes To......

For those of you who do not live in the UK and are a bit bemused by my 'Mr Cameron' comment in yesterday's blog let me explain.

On Tuesday (I think) the trade union that most of our tanker drivers belong too voted to strike over pay and conditions. No date has yet been set for this strike, indeed talks are still ongoing to try and prevent it altogether, and when it is they have to give seven days notice of the date by law. On Wednesday our esteemed Prime Minister and his colleagues started to warn people to fill up their tanks and maybe even a few cans just in case. People immediately started panic buying fuel leading to shortages and long queues at filling stations. In short creating a crisis out of nothing. Now of course they are trying to calm things down by saying there is no need to panic but it is far too late for that and the public are just not listening.

News came in mid morning of woman being rushed to hospital with 40% burns. She decided to pour petrol from one container into another in her kitchen next to her cooker which was on at the time. The petrol fumes ignited and set her clothing on fire. Of course the media are up in arms and blaming the politicians. Well the politicians are certainly responsibly for the current panic but in all honesty they cannot be responsible for someone who has no common sense. I hope this woman recovers and I hope she isn't badly injured but most of all I hope she has learned not to pour petrol next to a naked flame in a confined space.

After longing to my bones for a nice long lie in I was awake at seven thirty this morning. Why does this happen? The early wake up did allow me to get all my washing done and hung out on the line by ten. Unfortunately the bright sunshine that we'd been blessed with during my four days at work was hidden by cloud  and it actually looked like it was about to rain. I am not exactly hopeful of getting everything dried and put away by this evening.

The morning was spent catching up on my many e-mails and battling with my online banking system. The bank has decided to upgrade it's website and so everything has been reduced to a crawl. After being booted out  for the third time because my request had 'timed out' I finally got on and was horrified by what I found. Instead of having a neat menu to click on they have tried to put everything on the same page, well at least as much as they could squeeze onto a page. Not only does it look messy but it is really hard to find things and everything I clicked on either came up with an error message or timed out. I decided to give up and try again after the weekend. I must admit I began to wonder whether I'd stumbled onto one of these fake sites but I wasn't asked for my full password, card or account number and when I did finally get on it showed all my recent transactions so I think I'm OK, at least I hope I am.

Went shopping this afternoon and was highly amused to see queues out onto the roads at some stations and empty forecourts at others. It seems the 'keep calm' message hasn't penetrated yet. Are we as a race getting thicker or what?

My drug delivery arrived today and instead of sending me two boxes of dressings they sent me, yes you guessed it, two dressings. Another phone call, another complaint made.