Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Quiet Sunday In

Well the trip to Heathrow wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and we arrived in good time to meet the flight. Finding Svetlana turned out to be easy too, we walked into Arrivals and there she was. Within thirty minutes of arriving we were back on the M4 and heading home. Once home Andrew settled her into the spare room and then introduced her to the delights of Britain's Got Talent, which she seemed to enjoy immensely. Tired from the flight she went to bed early and we were not far behind, Andrew because he had to get up for his paper round and we were just shattered from all the cleaning followed by a long drive.

Woke around eight thirty having had a completely uninterrupted nights sleep for the first time in weeks. I felt really refreshed and after reading the papers and having a soak in the bath was raring to go. I did two loads of washing and hung them out to dry then got down to making the cannelloni I'd planned for lunch. The kids finally emerged around ten thirty, to be fair Andrew had been up and done his paper round but then went back to bed, and spent the morning watching DVD's. Laurence arrived around half past eleven clutching a box of chocolates and a bunch of yellow roses. I was delighted. The roses are in my best vase on the dining table and the chocolates have been put aside as a reward for getting through my next four days at work.

After lunch Andrew and Svet went off to meet up with friends and Laurence, Peter and myself settled down to watch the Grand Prix. It was very exciting but totally the wrong result, in our house it is a case of 'anyone but Alonso'.

When not watching the Grand Prix or eating Peter has had his head stuck under the bonnet of the car, which still isn't working. He's getting a bit frustrated now so I'm avoiding the subject where I can and have taken to responding with sympathetic signs and word of encouragement whenever he brings it up.

Talking of Britain's Got Talent there were two outstanding acts for me. The first was the Welsh choir. How brave to sing in Welsh and how beautiful, so glad they got through. However the act that nearly got old cynical me in tears was Jonathan and Charlotte. If anyone deserves a break it is that boy. What a voice! I was really angry that, despite the Susan Boyle incident, Simon judged him before he even opened his mouth. I think Jonathan has a very bright future in front of him but I don't think that future will, sadly, include his friend. Although she had a nice enough voice she just didn't have the power needed to keep up with Jonathan.

Well it is the last of my four days off and I'm back to work tomorrow. I feel a lot perkier than I have done for some time, whether that feeling will last through my working week I don't know but at least I'll be starting from a good place. This means, of course that I might not get around to writing my blog, though I will try. What happened last week got me to thinking what would happen to my blog when I finally get my transplant. Obviously I'm not going to be in any state to blog for at least the first week so I've come up with a solution. I'm going to ask Andrew to post updates on the blog so you can follow my progress. They wont be actual blogs but at least it will keep you from wondering what has happened and whether I'm OK.

Well I've just had my summons to pick Andrew and Svet up so have to go. Until next time, have a good week.