Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fit For Nothing

Woke up feeling so much better, although still a bit breathless on exercise I really feel I have turned a corner in the last two days. I was so hungry at lunch I was stuffing food into my mouth while I was cooking it as I couldn't get it on the plate fast enough. How bad is that! I'm back where I started weight wise but at this rate I shouldn't have any trouble putting it all back on again.

Despite feeling so much better I was forced to sit around twiddling my thumbs as I was waiting for the man from BOC (British Oxygen Company) to come and do an inspection. The inspection sounds scary but isn't. All he does is check I'm keeping my cylinders in a safe place, away from heat sources, and that I have working smoke alarms. The trouble is, like most services, they can tell you the day they are coming but not the time. When I asked I was told between 8am -4pm, helpful or what? When he did eventually turn up at twenty past two he stayed for less than ten minutes. Good job no one had taken the day off especially to wait for him .

Andrew got his letter confirming his acceptance of his place in uni so he is all set. Now he just has to hope he gets the grades needed or better in his A levels, the first results come out on Thursday. He should do really well if the amount of revision he did over Christmas is anything to go by. Having said that exams can do funny things to people. I could recite whole swathes of text books almost word for word right up until I was in my seat, then one look at the paper and it all disappeared. Nerves are horrible things.

Should have gone to the Warfarin clinic today but missed it partly because of waiting in for the BOC man and partly because in all honesty I just couldn't face it. The thought of sitting amongst a bunch of coughing, wheezing pensioners and possibly picking up yet another bug was just to much so I played it safe and stayed at home. I will go next week though when hopefully everything will have settled down and I'm back to normal.

The story that caught my eye in the papers this morning highlights just how screwed up our health service has become.

This is the story of a perfectly healthy five year old who happens to be tall for his age. His parents have just been told that he is overweight and will grow into a 'fat adult' after he was weighed as part of the government 'Fit 4 Life' scheme. What morons. If there is anything more guaranteed to give a child an eating disorder it is proclaiming that they are overweight when in reality they just don't fit the prescribed 'normality'. The pictures of this little boy show a child with long limbs but not an ounce of excess fat on him. Now this rather cute little boy keeps asking his parents if he is 'fat', showing that the seeds of doubt have already taken root. True the parents must share some of the blame for this anxiety because they chose to share the news with their child. The main fault, however, lies with the nosy do-gooders who once again have decide to tackle a problem by targeting everyone instead of focusing their efforts on those in need of intervention. Instead of using their eyes and common sense these people rely on the flawed, and proven to be so, BMI system. Even the Belgium inventor of the system said it should never be used as the only measure for weight problems, especially on children, so why are the powers that be so wedded to it? We've all heard the stories of super fit body builders and rugby players being declared obese when in reality the weight is down to muscle mass. No one in their right minds would tell these people to go on a diet and take more exercise. I have no doubt whatsoever that in five or ten years we will see results from this scheme but they will not necessarily be the results the government are hoping for. I suspect that the truly obese will remain so because just telling them to eat less and take more exercise won't work, they are already beyond advice like that. What we will have is an epidemic of anorexia or bulimia suffers who were told when they were perfectly normal children that they were overweight and would grow up to be fat.

If I'm better again tomorrow I'm going to attempt another stagger around Tesco. Andrew wants me to get stuff in so he can try his hand at profiteroles and I want to stock up on fruit now my appetite is returning. If the weather is really nice I might even take a turn around the garden so I can get depressed about how much needs to be done to get it ready for summer. Something to look forward too.