Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lazy Days And Sundays

Well what a disappointment Britain's Got Talent turned out to be. There were no real weirdos and no one outstandingly good either. Yes the boy with the guitar at the end sang sweetly enough and I give him credit for writing his own song. The burlesque dancer at the beginning raised a smile but there was none of the 'wow' factor that the previous show had. Rumour has it that Simon Cowell fiddled with last night's programme in an effort to beat BBC's The Voice in the ratings. If true he failed miserably in my opinion. I watched The Voice while doing my drug prep and I must say it wasn't that bad but overall neither show had me enthralled. In the end TV was abandoned and we settled down with a DVD instead.

Woke up to a bright, sunny but frosty day. I knew it was a cold one as both cats were snuggled up and tolerating each others company. I had a really good night's sleep, and that was without the help of alcohol I might add, and felt better than I have done for days. I am distressed that my breathing isn't getting any better, the sudden drop in temperature hasn't helped, and I'm huffing and puffing a lot more than I used to. I have been booked into Harefield at the end of this month to have extensive lung function tests to see if they can get to the bottom of it. Although I hate being in hospital what they do or do not find might bump me up the transplant list a bit so it will be well worth it, and three days isn't very long. In on Monday, out on Wednesday, I can live with that. To be honest I'm so fed up with feeling the way I do I'll agree to anything at the moment.

Being April the first I have scoured the newspapers for bogus stories but couldn't find anything that qualified as a good April fools. Let's face it, there are so many weird things going on in the world these days absolutely anything could be true.

Made a start on deciding the menu for Easter Sunday, I always make a bit of an effort at Easter as traditionally it is one of the few guaranteed days we'd all be together. Laurence is coming over so it'll be the four of us, which will be nice. I've got everything sorted, except actually buying it of course, but cannot decide on the dessert. I have a choice of three different gateaux to choose from and as it stands I'm probably going to end up making all three.

Two months after smashing my lasagna dish to pieces by being stupid today I managed to break my flan dish. I had two, a very large one that I use for quiches and a smaller on that I use for tortes etc. Well I don't have a smaller one anymore. I took it out of the cupboard to reach for something behind it and noticed a wavy black line running along the glaze. I tried to rub it off but it wouldn't move and suddenly I was left holding half a flan dish. No one is admitting to having anything to do with its demise but I don't think they'd actually know they'd done it. Looking hard it looks like something has been dropped on it as there is a small dent going across the line. So now I've got to hunt down another dish, the fun just never stops.

Apart from doing the ironing and running a cloth over the bathroom I've had a really lazy relaxed day. I sort of feel guilty as Peter has been busy cleaning the cars and Andrew has started his revision but as I keep trying to tell myself I need to rest. At least my inactivity will keep my medical team happy, they always have a quiet nag about how much I do. When I see them in two weeks time I'll be able to say I've been good for once.

Tomorrow I might just go out and brave the shops, well Boots to be precise. They currently have a special mix and match offer on. I'm looking to get a pair of normal glasses and a pair of reading glasses. The opticians where I had my eye test tried to sell me a pair of varifocals for £250 saying it would be the best option for me. Not at that price I thought. Since then I've spoken to others about varifocals and the main complaint is seasickness as you are getting used to them. Indeed some people never did get used to them and had to revert back to normal glasses. So I've decided to shop around and see what I can get.

Hope it is as nice tomorrow as it has been today.