Thursday, 22 March 2012

Did You Miss Me, While I Was Away

First of all an apology, I didn't realise that so many people would be worried about me. I promise in future if I'm not going to blog for a while I'll let you know.

Went back to work on Sunday and although I did manage to get through my eight hour day by the time I got home I was so exhausted that the only thing I was capable of was lying on the settee watching TV before heading to bed and an early night. Going back to work this time was definitely more difficult than it was in the past and by the third day I was beginning to think I'd made a big mistake. Not only did I feel tired but I was having dizzy spells and felt faint. That night I bypassed the TV and after a cuppa, something to eat and a wash I slipped into bed and went out like a light. My last day, yesterday, was a lot better and I think I might just have been overtired. I will see what I'm like on Monday and if I'm still not coping will ask for a temporary reduction in hours again just to get me back up to speed. in the mean time I will use my four days off wisely and rest as much as I can.

It is not just my health that made this a difficult week, I seem to have been dealing with a lot of deaths. Suicides, accidents, not seeing a elderly neighbour for a while and murder have been rife this week which tends to bring you down a bit. Having said that we do get runs on things, one week it will be all parking problems, another week burglaries so I suppose it was only a matter of time before we got a run of deaths. Even so, I chose one hell of a week to return.


Well I was absolutely delighted with the result of the Wales/France rugby match, so delighted I stood up and screamed at the end of the match catapulting a rather startled cat, Tarmac had been sleeping on my lap, on to the floor. Our new TV arrived in the morning so I was able to watch the whole thing in HD, to be honest I don't think it really added much but what could it add to such a brilliant game?


Back to work and that meant having to get up earlier than normal and getting myself organised a lot quicker. I just about made it out of the house on time and thanks to the light Sunday morning traffic arrived a few minutes early. Not a bad first day but I must admit feeling aggrieved at having to work on Mother's Day. Still someone brought in a nice cake to cheer us all up so it wasn't all that bad. Recorded the Grand Prix and somehow managed to avoided finding out the result all day. Watched it when I got home and was delighted to see Jenson Button pass the winning line in first place. All in all a good weekend.


Was a bit of a blur, we were so busy it was truly manic at times. I felt tired but coped well enough. Slept like a baby when I got home.


My worst day. I felt really 'off', dizzy and light headed and a couple of times I really thought I was going to faint. I really couldn't wait to get home and back into bed. No idea what caused it, can only think I'd overdone it but not sure how.


Felt a lot better and breezed through the day, though I admit I was very glad to get home.


Well I did say this was going to be my do nothing rest day but it hasn't quite turned out like that. Went to Tesco's then did a load of washing and hung it out on the line. By three I could hardly keep my eyes open so settled down for a power nap with the kitties. So tomorrow I'm going to sleep late, soak in the bath and catch up on my TV and rest properly.

Suddenly the world seems to have woken up and there is blossom everywhere. We have some lovely pink cherries in our street and they are in full bloom. I swear they were not like that yesterday. The buses and trees in my garden are all in full bud and just about to burst into a riot of colour, I cannot wait.

Summer is on the way and I cannot be happier.