Friday, 23 March 2012

Death Becomes Her

Well my morning went exactly to plan, well almost. I had a long lazy lie in with the paper and a cuppa and then had a long lazy bath complete with a Lush bath bomb. Naturally I came out smelling delicious but then spotted that the shower head needed a clean, one hour later I had a sparkling clean bathroom and a hot and sweaty me. I didn't fair much better in the afternoon as all the washing I did yesterday now needed ironing. The one compensation was that I could sit down and watch a DVD while doing it which seems
ed to make the pile shrink faster. At least I wasn't hankering to get out in the garden. Woke up to really thick fog which stubbornly hung around well past midday. I did have some fun though as the pj's and t shirts I'd ordered from Next, to go in my hospital bag, arrived so I spent a happy hour trying them on. Half the t shirts have gone into the transplant bag and the other half have replaced the tatty stuff I've been wearing around the house for the last year. I've kept a couple of old ones for gardening though, in the faint hope I'll feel up to being hands on.

The Apprentice is back! My Wednesday nights are something to look forward too again. I was delighted to find that the candidates are just as awful as I'd imagined they'd be and just as hopeless. Despite singing their own praises from the roof tops none of them seemed to have a clue what they were doing. The boys won the task, though just how they managed this with the mess they made I have no idea. So the girls, who had behaved appallingly it has to be said, were dragged into the boardroom to face the music. I fully expected Gabrielle the team leader to go as is usually the case with the first task but  instead Lord Sugar focused his attention on Katie 'The Blonde Assassin' who despite all her self promotion basically did nothing on the task except stand around looking moody. The third person to be brought back was Bilyana who just couldn't keep her mouth shut and insisted on talking over Lord Sugar, never a good idea. So with Katie in the firing line the dreaded finger was about to be pointed when Bilyana opened her mouth once again and was promptly fired. The Blonde Assassin lives to fight another day, unfortunately.

Having dealt with death in various forms all week I was a little cheesed off to be confronted with it during one of my visits to Eastenders. I don't watch this as often as I used to, partly because I'm usually preparing my meds while it is on and partly because I've grown bored with it. However this week, being so tired, I slumped on the settee and watched the whole sorry tale unfold. I swear the characters have been changed around just to confuse me. Ben is a true psychopath, and Ian, a resurgent Ian no longer scared of Phil, had better watch his back. Jay is a frightened little boy, Billy has become sensible and calm and Phil is so upset that he's throwing up in alleys. Yes it is the death of Heather 'Ever' Trott a character almost totally surplus to requirements. To be fair 'Ever' was playing a blinder and was probably the best corpse I've seen on TV in a long time. The most scary and at the same time hilarious performance was given by Ever's mate Shirl. Shirley is a scary lady when she's happy, which is rare. Distraught and disheveled, with a look that could strip flesh from the bone at twenty paces, she suddenly became the panto villain. And what a villain! She glared, she cried, she shouted and she spent a lot of her time stalking from place to place for no apparent reason, even Phil looked scared and that's some achievement. However through all the crying not one flake of eyeliner or mascara dared to move from it's appointed place, remarkable.

Peter spent the day putting his engine back together having had the head professionally 'skimmed' and the parts he needed safely delivered through the post.. The hope is that it will be ready to drive by Tuesday as he needs to borrow my car and I will use his to get into work.

Had a little bit of a panic last night. I had been trying to get hold of my mum since Monday night. We have a code, if she's out she puts the answer phone on so that I know she is OK just unavailable. If it rings and she doesn't answer then there could be a problem. Well I know she sometimes goes to church meetings on Monday's and Wednesdays and was willing to believe she might have forgotten to put the answer machine on for one of these days but not both and that didn't explain her not answering on Tuesday or Thursday. I rang my sister and she couldn't get hold of her either. Not knowing any of Mum's friends and not having anyone we knew in the immediate area my sister phoned the police and asked them to do a welfare check. Twenty or so minutes later Wendy rang to say she had finally contacted Mum. She was at a church meeting and couldn't answer her mobile because because they were 'in prayer'. I could have screamed. Anyway she rang me later and explained that her phone had been on the blink and an engineer had come out. This engineer had failed to reattach the answer machine and Mum hadn't noticed so she was turning the machine on every time she went out blissfully unaware it wasn't working. Some daughters do have 'em.

Tomorrow Andrew's friend from Bulgeria arrives so it is all hands on deck to get her room ready tomorrow morning and then a trip down to Heathrow to pick her up. So much for a quiet four days off.