Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Are Cars Electric?

Peter has blown a gasket. Well to be more specific his car has and it is the head gasket, no me neither. As a result I haven't seen much of him over the last two days as he's been glued under the bonnet dismantling the engine to see exactly how big the problem is. He is confident that he can fix it himself if it is a simple straight forward thing and the head hasn't warped, no, no idea what that means either. So once again my hall way is full of smelly car parts and tools, into each life a little oil must fall.

Andrew managed to injure himself at karate last night. This time it is his elbow, nothing broken but the end is very swollen and it is painful to bend. I knew something was up when he came in and headed straight for the freezer for ice. Not great timing as he is taking his driving test today. The elbow is better today but he has put a cotton support on it just in case.

Talking about cars, I have started looking into getting a Motability car. My beloved Alfa is still going strong but it is getting on a bit now and Peter is worried about reliability. So far, touch wood, it has never mechanically let me down. I've had flat tires, failed lights and windscreen wipers but it has never failed me mechanically. The advantages of getting a car through the motability scheme is that everything is covered, insurance, servicing, repairs all covered by one weekly payment, and you get a brand new car every three years. What is making me hesitate is the love of my current car and the transplant situation. If I was lucky enough to get a transplant this year would I have to give the motability car back, leaving me without a car at all? Or would I be able to keep the car for the full three years giving me plenty of time to find a replacement. I've heard that transplant patients are not allowed to use public transport because of the risk of infection and are therefore still entitled to use the motability scheme. Unfortunately I cannot find out if this is true or not, there is nothing on the DWP website or the motability website to advise you. I am reluctant to ring the DWP up with the question because knowing them they'll think I'm notifying them of a transplant and start changing things around. There is no hurry so I will take my time and think about it and see if I can find some answers before taking the plunge.

Health wise I seem to be stuck at an impasse. I'm not going backwards but I'm not making much progress forwards either. It is very frustrating. I am totally fed up with the situation now, not to mention having to drag this bloody machine around with me everywhere and, of course, my crap lungs. I try not to moan about it all. I see reports of children with cancer and much worse things and feel guilty about moaning about my lot. Then there are other times when I read about someone moaning because they feel everyone is against them and life is 'unfair' and I wonder why I don't moan more. After all if anyone has got something to moan about it is me, isn't it? I guess the answer is that there are some natural born moaners in this world and I'm not one of them.

Andrew passed his driving test with only three minors, don't ask me what minors are, when I took my test you passed or failed. He did it after only twenty six hours of lessons so pretty good. I am very proud of him and also very relieved as I no longer have to pay £21 per hour for lessons. Phew!