Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Owl And The Pussycat.

Finally feeling more like me and my appetite has returned. I have not yet dared to weigh myself but by the look and feel of my clothing I've lost the weight I put on and maybe a little more. Damn and blast it! I had breakfast for the first time in a week today so hopefully I'll soon be stuffing again, I have Mars bars on the shopping list in anticipation.

Didn't sleep that well last night but not because of my chest. I was thinking about Andrew's university interview this afternoon. He of course slept like the dead, typical. He seems excited but I wouldn't say nervous, that's the young for you, full of confidence. However he has cleaned his shoes something he NEVER does so at least he isn't so confident as to not make an effort. I asked him last night if he really wanted his freak of a mother coming with him to such an important event, baring in mind I'll be in a wheelchair and possibly on oxygen. He was lovely and said it didn't make a difference to him as long as I felt I was up to it. So I dressed up warm, slung the wheelchair and oxygen tank in the boot and went.

We arrived about fifteen minutes early and assembled in reception then it all went to pieces. The campus and college building were not exactly disabled friendly and we had to trek miles out of our way to get to lifts to take us up and down while the rest of the party had to hang around waiting for us. After the second such detour I decided that instead of holding everyone up I'd stay in the classroom we were using as a base and the tour could carry on without me, we'd have been there all day if we hadn't. The presentation was interesting, though not that informative and then it was time for the interview. Andrew found it more nerve wracking than he thought he would and by his own admission dried up on occasions and repeated himself from time to time. He's worried that he's blown it. I have tried to calm him down by saying they will be used to people being nervous and will realise that for many it will be their first ever interview. I don't think he is convinced but has accepted that if he doesn't get a firm offer he can always go through clearing or take a year out and try next year with hopefully better grades than he's been predicted. As for me I have everything crossed and want this for him more than I want a transplant.

The news story that caught my eye today is the sad demise of Ash the barn owl. This unfortunate creature was taking part in a falconry display at Colchester zoo when it was spooked, by what no one knows. The owl slammed into a window, fluttered into the meerkat enclosure and then onto a fence in the lion enclosure. Dazed it lost its footing and was batted out of the air by a lioness before the male grabbed it and ate it, mercifully quickly by all accounts. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I feel really sorry for the owl but the lion was only doing what lions do. The traumatised children will get over it eventually and have learned that nature is cruel and lions are not fluffy and cuddly. Hopefully the zoo will have also learned a lesson, don't hold falconry displays so close to the lion enclosure in future.

Another restless night looms as tomorrow I'm expecting the results of my antibody tests. I don't know why I'm so worried, they have been OK before but since the last reading I've had more surgery and loads of infections, all of which could affect the readings. I've been told not to worry and everything will probably be all right but there is this niggling doubt in the back of my mind that says there could be a problem. I hope I'm wrong.