Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cooking Up A Storm

Drat! I've lost weight again and am virtually back to square one, that's hospital food for you. In all fairness when you are finding it hard to breath eating comes quiet low in your list of priorities. I am slowly improving and I'm sure I'll be able to return to my Mars Bar, Crisps and Cake diet pretty soon. In the meantime I'm back on the protein shakes which I still have a good supply of from last time.

We had a great time on Tuesday when Laurence called around, I did manage, with help, to prepare a meal which was wolfed down almost before the plate hit the table. It seems, even though I passed on all my recipes, there is still nothing like a meal cooked by your mother. He proudly announced that he is doing most of his own cooking and has managed to avoid falling back on takeaways, I'm really pleased at this as I thought a healthy diet would be the first thing to get overlooked. Laurence seems really contented and happy with his new house and is gradually getting it sorted the way he wants it. He took his lawn mower and strimmer away with him so I think the back garden is about to get some attention. Now we only have his patio chairs and his barbecue to look after.

I did not make it to Tesco's yesterday. Part of the reason was that it was raining and Peter having to get me into a wheelchair, sort out my oxygen and attach one of those wheelchair trolleys to me in the middle of a down pour was not an attractive proposition. The other part of it is, that although I don't mind so much being seen in a wheelchair these days, I uncomfortable being in a wheelchair with oxygen. So Peter and Andrew went clutching a list. Surprisingly they came back with only one addition to the list, a pack of Haribo Tangtastics for me. I could grumble at that and spent the rest of the afternoon happily sucking on the sour/sweet flavours.

Andrew had his penultimate driving lesson before his test next Tuesday. He and his instructor are confident of success but I'm trying to urge a little bit of caution into Andrew as I think over confidence is dangerous when it comes to driving tests. Don't get me wrong, I really hope he passes as for one thing my bank account will heave a sigh of relief. However I know from experience the more you expect to pass the bigger the disappointment when you don't.

Masterchef was on last night, I love this programme though some of the concoctions they come up with can be a bit stomach churning to say the least. Last night did not disappoint with one contestant offering up chocolate and black olive tarts. Eww! I do not like olives at the best of times but with chocolate? Another served up Miso ice cream. I like Miso soup but cannot imagine it as an ice cream, yuk! The creator of this particular dish got her marching orders and quite rightly too, the only mystery being how she lasted so long.

Another programme I watched last night, partly out of curiosity and partly out of boredom, was Big Body Squad. This programme was about the people whose job it is to shift around the overweight. I'm not talking about mildly tubby, these people weighed in at fifty stone or more. It was jaw dropping stuff, not just because of the costs involved in looking after these people but in the way no one seemed to think it abnormal. I am not the most sympathetic of people when it comes to illnesses brought on by self abuse such as smoking, drinking or overeating but I did feel a sort of pity as I watched a variety of blubber mountains struggling with heart problems and breathing difficulties. The saddest section of all featured a twenty seven year old woman, her weight was the same as her age. Once again I was forced to wonder how on earth they let themselves get into that state in the first place. It is a complete mystery to me and one that is destined to remain so I'm afraid. One thing I do know, I won't be watching again.