Friday, 3 February 2012

No News Is Good News, I hope

Well it was drug delivery day today and you'll never guess, yes I'm short of things again. This time it is gloves, they really do not like giving me gloves, and needles. So it is another phone call, another explanation of how many gloves I use a day etc and more money wasted because they alway send the missing items by first class post.

Despite everything I slept better last night but did wake up at one point absolutely freezing and no wonder, we hit minus nine last night. Breakfast, the newspaper and a nice cuppa and then my wait for the phone call from Harefield began. My worst fear is that I'd end up waiting all weekend if I don't hear today and I feel that would be very unfair. Even if it is bad news just tell me goddammit!

Unable to take it anymore I cracked around two and phoned them. My coordinator wasn't in today it seems but will be back Monday. Brilliant! Now I have the whole weekend to ponder what might or might not be. The person I spoke to confirmed my results were in and that they were having a meeting on Monday about them. She would put a note in to my coordinator to ring me after the meeting. How infuriating is that? Of course I immediately began to think that the reluctance to tell me anything meant bad news. Logical, sensible me knows the hospital red tape and knows that no one will tell you anything if you are not their patient. Unfortunately the panicky, doom merchant side of me is busy convincing itself that I am about to be refused, and at the moment that side is winning. I know tomorrow I will be looking at everything in an entirely different light. After all nothing has changed, I know no more than I did yesterday and I haven't been turned down yet. Where there is hope....

Part of the reason I call Harefield instead of waiting for them to call me is that I desperately wanted to get out and do some shopping for the weekend. The weather is closing in and my region is expecting very heavy snow late tomorrow and into Sunday. Our village tends to get snowed in very quickly so I wanted to make sure we had enough of the basics should the worst happen. I managed to walk around Tesco, albeit slowly, without help from wheelchair or oxygen so proof at last that I am better. We then decided to do a quick visit to Costco as I wanted to stock up on some bit and pieces so we headed for the motorway, which is currently a building site. The way our junction works is that we have a bridge over the motorway with four slip roads attached, two southbound, two northbound, each of which is controlled by traffic lights. At best it can be very confusing and there have been some nasty accidents when people have confused which set of lights refers to them. Today it was absolute chaos as the lights were out and the north bound slip road onto the motorway was shut so that traffic had to use the new slip road about four hundred meters further along. There was a great deal of horn honking, tyre squealing and arm waving as drivers tried to work out who had right of way and find the slip road they wanted. There was no sign of anyone trying to control the confusion and we only just spotted the small yellow plaque pointing us towards our exit at the last minute. How there hasn't been an accident there yet I don't know but if there isn't one before the weekend is out I'll eat my hat.

Planning a bit of a cook/bake weekend. I've bought some chicken and veg and will be making a huge stew, some of which I will freeze for later in the week. I'm also planning to make some bread and maybe a few cheese scones to have hot for tea on Sunday. I'm rather looking forward to being snowed in.