Thursday, 2 February 2012

Don't Keep Me Hanging On The Telephone

Doesn't it make you sick that yet another cancer drug, this time for prostate cancer, has been deemed too expensive to give to patients and yet the NHS are still offering free removal, and in some cases replacement, of breast implants. How can anyone justify funding a vanity procedure over a drug that could extend or even save lives? It defies belief and shows just how skewed priorites have become in the good old NHS.

A restless night was predicted and a restless night I had, though to be honest it was probably my own fault. I felt hungry around ten last night so went into the kitchen for a snack. Usually if I have the late night munchies I settle for something bland like cereal, toast or bread and butter. Last night bland wasn't going to cut it so I settled for the worst of all possible combinations, cheese and pickle. I really enjoyed it but it hated me and as a result I had difficulty getting off to sleep in the first place and then kept waking up. No matter how tempting, that will be the very last time I eat cheese so late.

Temperatures fell to minus six last night and could barely reach zero by midday. They are set to fall further still tonight and snow is expected over the weekend. Oh goody! Actually I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to go anywhere in it. We shouldn't really moan though as this winter hasn't been anywhere as bad as last year and this may be the only real cold snap we get. I've noticed that the evenings are getting lighter at last so spring isn't that far away.

Andrew is more up beat this morning. I suspect he has reviewed his performance and decided that maybe he didn't do as badly as he thought. Hope he's right but we are not likely to find out for a good few weeks as they are interviewing through to March.

Spent the day waiting for the phone call from Harefield regarding my antibodies. As is typical when you are expecting an important call you get loads of calls you don't want and I jumped each time the phone rang. Of course the scammers were out in force today and by early afternoon I was a nervous wreck. By five I was gibbering but no call so I'm going to have to go through it all again tomorrow. I really think its bad when you are promised a call but they don't, especially with something as crucial as this. Even if they couldn't give an answer they should still call to explain why. People understand delays in labs etc, it is the not knowing anything that eats you up. Ah well another restless night to look forward to then.