Monday, 6 February 2012

Long To Reign Over Us...

Wales won! Still cannot believe it but am delighted at the result and what a brilliant match, real edge of the seat stuff. Can't wait for the next match now.

Spent yet another day waiting for the phone call from Harefield that never came. I'm back at work tomorrow so they won't be able to get hold of me until next Monday now. Obviously Peter is at home but I doubt they will tell him anything and I don't want them to ring work because it is not going to be the sort of conversation you can have in front of work colleagues, especially if it is bad news. I think it is very bad that they are keeping me dangling like this. How am I supposed to build up a close, trusting relationship with the team if they can't even phone me when they say they will? I think that is the trouble with the medical profession. They make decisions that affect peoples lives every day and I think they forget that there is a human being in the middle of it all waiting on that decision.

The snow is still with us but is now a curious mixture of slush and rock hard ice. Thankfully nothing fell overnight so roads that were cleared yesterday remained so even if they are a bit icy. It rained for a while this afternoon so more snow was washed away and now the temperature is falling so it looks like more ice for my early morning drive into work tomorrow. Terrific!

Watched the moronic boy from across the road this morning trying to crash his car. Well I assume that was what he was trying to do. He drove at speed along the road then slammed on his brakes and let the car slid along on the ice and snow until it came to rest against a kerb, then he'd back up and do it all again. What got me was the fact that there were several cars parked along the road that he could have easily slid into, thankfully he missed them all and after about ten minutes grew tired of his game and sped off. I can only hope that no one meets him on an icy road in the middle of nowhere because I can guarantee when he does eventually crash, as he is bound to do, he will walk away without a scratch and the other person won't.

Today is the sixtieth anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne. Sixty years doing the same job and with no prospect of retirement. I wouldn't want to do it. I had to explain to Andrew last night the difference between the accession and the coronation. He thought that they were the same thing. I guess a lot of people think that and until the Queen dies few will experience the difference. It was eighteen months before the Queen was officially crowned, to allow a decent period of mourning for the old King and for all the arrangements to be made. I suspect they might hurry that up a bit for Prince Charles. As he's already in his sixties if they leave it too long he might never get crowned. And so we enter a period of celebration, not that you'd notice as so far it has been pretty low key. The real celebrations will get going in early summer, just before the Olympics, lets hope they are not overshadowed by the games that nobody wants or can afford.

The cats are still blaming me for the cold snap and have taken to following me around the house howling, which is very annoying.

Andrew came home from school mightily miffed that not only was the school open in such bad weather but  he was given a load of homework to do. University life is going to come as such a shocker and employment even more so. Bless!