Saturday, 11 February 2012

Jack Frost Nipping At My Nose

It was -11c at eight o'clock this morning as I was driving Andrew to his First Responder training in Royston. Had a tricky moment on a roundabout approaching the A1(M) but otherwise got him there unscathed. Decided as I was up and out so early on a cold Saturday morning to pay a visit to Tesco and get it over with, even though the thought of rushing back to my nice warm house and a nice hot cuppa was almost overwhelming. I decided to visit the store in Royston rather than travel all the way back to Flitwick or Dunstable and I must say for a big store the choice was appalling. Maybe it was the weather but at just gone nine the shelves were almost empty of bread. Still I managed to stock up on most things and headed home, unfortunately I ended up having to detour as the road into my village was closed by a big accident and police were turning everyone around. I eventually arrived home at eleven and immediately put both the heating and the kettle on. It had warmed up a bit by then, it was now -2c. I've got to do it all again tomorrow and I will be taking my camera with me, everywhere was so pretty with the frost on the tree branches turning them white. Peter couldn't see why I was so delighted as he hates the cold. There were dark mutterings about if I want to prance about in the cold fine but he will be staying in the car, spoil sport. I will have to be careful though as like most people with lung conditions cold air can play havoc with my breathing. Being on warfarin I also have to be careful in slippy weather as a fall could result in internal bleeding and that is definitely something I can do without. I think a hat and a scarf wrapped firmly around my mouth and nose might just be in order, and a pair of shoes with a good grippy sole.

Andrew's training went on until half four so I decided to spend the day catching up on house work and doing some baking, as there was no way I was leaving the house again until I had too. Then it was onto the sofa to watch some of the rugby. Wales are not playing until tomorrow but I like to watch the other matches to see who might be a threat. Wales are playing Scotland who lost to England last week so we are in with a better than 50/50 chance.

Andrew came home talking nineteen to the dozen about his day, he obviously enjoyed himself and was delighted to find out that he'd be spending a twelve hour sift with an ambulance crew just to see what type of things he'll be expected to deal with. This is ideal as he was going to try and arrange a day with a crew prior to starting his uni course just to get a feel for things, he  won't have to now.

The media are still banging on about football but other things of greater importance are happening as well, not least the rumbling row over the Falkland Islands. At the moment it is all posturing on both sides but if things get more serious there is no way we could defend the islands as we did in Thatcher's time. Not only do todays politicians not have the stomach for a fight, the sad truth is we are no longer capable of defending them. Our navy and air force are depleted and most of our army is still deployed in Afghanistan.

The outside temperature is already at -4c having struggled to get past 0c at midday, looks like I'm going to be on tippy toes around those roundabouts again tomorrow. Must, must, must remember my camera.