Friday, 17 February 2012

A Plan Is In Place

Well last night's offering was billed as 'luxury moussaka', not sure where the luxury bit comes in but there you go. Presentation left a bit to be desired, it looked like it had been dropped on to the plate from a great height. Masterchef it was not. Today's offerings have been fine so far, which has almost been disappointing.

I gave everyone a bit of a scare last night, including me. I woke up suddenly unable to breathe and gasping. My lungs felt as thought they were full of water and my sats were down to 60% on oxygen. The on call docter turned up and put me on a nebulizer and increased my oxygen, within twenty minutes I was fine and have remained so. No idea what happened but for once I was glad I was in hospital. I was not so glad a couple of hours later when it took three attempts to get a canula in ready for the CT scan.

The CT came back clear apart from some scarring and residue pockets of mucus from old infections. The current thinking now is that the recurring infections have irritated my lungs so much that I need help damping the inflamation down. Cue some new steroids. I should start to feel better within thirty minutes of taking them but have been warned it will take up to six weeks to dampen things down completely so I will have to take them consistantly for that period of time. Thank goodness it was nothing that couldn't be fixed. And the best news, if I respond well I could be home tomorrow.

There has been a bit of a change over of my ward mates but unfortunately the most irritating ones have remained but are leaving me more or less alone. There has been a change in the nursing staff so Little Miss B.O. was not on duty. My nurse today was really lovely, I hope she is on again tomorrow.

I'm currently waiting for dinner and guess who cannot remember what she ordered. I suspect I might have gone veggie but will have to wait and see, hopefully it will be the last dinner I have in here for a while so whatever it is I can put up with it.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow's blog will be posted from home.