Tuesday, 7 February 2012

At Last...

Well I finally got the call I've been waiting for and it is good news. My antibodies have increased, I have 49% antibodies which in simple terms roughly means that out of one hundred donors I'll won't be able to match with forty nine of them. However that means I WILL be able to match with fifty one so I still have a greater than fifty fifty chance, which is good enough odds for me. I still need to have some more tests repeated, which I'm getting an appointment through the post for, but I'm still all good to go. Brilliant! I will hopefully sleep like a baby tonight for a change.

My first day back at work went well. Although it was eight hours I didn't feel all that tired driving home. It was only when I sat down with a cuppa that I began to flag then I got the phone call and boom I was wide awake again. I wish I'd been this bright and breezy at six this morning. It was so damned hard to get out of bed. A quick look outside nearly sent me scurrying back under the covers as it was freezing and foggy, whoop de doo my two favourite things. It started to snow on the drive in but had stopped again by the time I arrived. I'd gone wrapped up like Nanook of the north only to find the heating was going full blast. I ended up in my shirt sleeves and fanning myself with anything suitable that came to hand. No wonder everyone has colds, its so unhealthy. At least two of my colleagues looked like death warmed up and were snuffling and sneezing everywhere. I made a concerted effort to avoid them at all costs as I really do not want to go down with anything else. We did get a piece of good news today and that is that there is another baby on the way. I got to see the scan picture, oh so cute, and mum is looking well if a bit tired. I'll be sad to see my colleague leave but am very happy for her reason, and she has chosen the right time of year so she'll have most of the summer off.

I'm on late starts for the rest of the week, starting at ten but finishing at six, which is a bit of a pain but has to be done. At least I get a small lie in and that is always good news. I hate rushing around in the mornings, being able to take my time and relax really makes a difference to the rest of the day.

Well better ring my mum with the good news and then a celebratory tea.