Sunday, 26 February 2012

Oh I Say!

Yes I have changed the name of my blog. A quick Google search showed an awful lot of Hazel's Blogs so, in order to stand out from the crowd and make my blog easier to find, I've added a descriptive title.

I was thrilled by the result of the England/Wales match from Twickenham, I actually jumped up from the settee and yelled when the Welsh try was scored.. Can't help feeling a little sorry for the England team though, it was really close. In fairness that last try really couldn't have been safely awarded because no matter which angle you looked at it you really couldn't tell. Having said that if it had happened the other way around the newspapers would have been screaming about a fair English win rather than bleating that the ref had 'got it wrong' this morning.

I'm finally feeling better. That leaden feeling at the bottom of my rib cage has gone though my chest still feels pretty raw. I've stopped coughing up gunk, which is a huge relief, and I no longer need my oxygen. I felt absolutely dreadful on Friday and not so hot yesterday so waking up feeling so good today is a big surprise as well as a joy. I just hope it isn't a one off and I continue to improve from now on.

We had a disaster this afternoon. When making the bed Peter managed to split the bed sheet. In fairness it had been threatening to go every since one of the boys managed to shrink it in the wash when I was in hospital last summer. It's twin had already bitten the dust when it got caught on a rose bush while drying on a windy day and was shredded. After a quick ring around we located a sheet of similar colour, fabric and quality in a store in Bedford but they only had the one. So we asked them to put it aside and Peter offered to go along and get it. As it was nice weather I felt up to going along for the ride and we were soon parked outside the store. Not feeling like walking around and also because I looked a bit of a scruff in my 'around the house' casuals I waited in the car while Peter popped in to pick up our new sheet. As I was waiting I noticed a young woman approaching, there was nothing really remarkable about her until she had passed me and I got a rear view. She was one of our larger ladies, well quite a bit larger to be honest, and she'd squeezed herself into a tiny mini skirt that left absolutely nothing to the imagination, including the colour of the knickers she was wearing. I am absolutely sure my jaw dropped involuntarily and I caught myself staring. My reaction was nothing to the two blokes who were following her however, they were so helpless with laughter they could hardly stand. Poor girl. Didn't she check her back view in a mirror before going out? What about her family, didn't they warn her? And what about the friend she was with, couldn't she have found a way of sparing her blushes? Sometimes people are their own worst enemies, they really are.

My sick note runs out tomorrow and the debate is on as to whether I get another one. I'm not due in work again until Friday and, who knows, I could be fit as a fiddle by then. On the other hand progress seems very much slower this time around and I can't be sure another four days will make such a big difference. As much as it pains me to do so I think I'm going to have to ask for another week, if for no other reason than to make sure I don't suffer a relapse. It'll also ensure I avoid all the nasty bugs floating around at work until I'm in a better state to deal with them. I've been given some meds to boost my immune system but they take up to three weeks before having any real effect. Maybe I'll do the wise thing for a change and give the meds and my body a chance.