Friday, 7 February 2014

Uk Versus The Weather Round....I've Lost Count.

Well two days back at work just flew past.

It was nice to be back and catch up with my friends and colleagues but I am starting to admit to myself that the job itself is no longer really 'doing it' for me.

To be fair my views might have been coloured by the problems I had getting to and from work this week. It is no fun driving through rain and high winds at seven in the morning and having to dodge fallen trees, flooded roads and wildlife. On Wednesday I more or less had to drive in the center of the road in some places and just as I entered the darkest, most wooded stretch of my journey,  I had to slam on the brakes as this huge deer shot out in front of me. Fortunately I was not bombing along at my usual speed or there is no doubt I'd have hit him.

Thursday was better going in but I had to drive through a monsoon on the way home and the puddles were back. The wind rocked the car and, for the first time since I got it, I wished it was bigger. I felt quite vulnerable to be honest. What really made me worry is the number of people bowling along without headlights on or driving through the floods at speed. No wonder the emergency services are run off their feet when there are so many idiots on the road.

However I now have ten days off so the weather can do what it likes because I don't have to go anywhere. I have got a few things planned but it does depend on the floods etc. We want to go to Norwich Castle to see the Roman exhibition but Norwich is on the coast and there have been some problems already with worse weather to come. I guess we will have to play it by ear. That's all we can do.

Having my holiday plans disrupted is nothing to what has been happening in some areas of the UK. People are having their whole lives disrupted, and in some cases totally destroyed, by the floods. My heart goes out to them and I'm horrified by the news reports I see everyday. Of course my most heart felt concern is for the people in my home town of Aberystwyth. They have been in the front line for every storm coming our way. They have had a few lucky escapes but the storms coming in tonight and particularly the huge one due on Wednesday could cause some real damage. I can't see how they can escape but I'm hoping against hope that they will.

My auctions have finished and I made over sixty pounds which is a very good start to our holiday fund. All I need now is the transplant to allow me to travel again. Arrrgghhhh! It is so frustrating! I have so much I want to do but just can't because of my stupid body.  Ah well maybe soon, never say never.

Right must get on. I'm having a bit of a laundry fest. My only problem is going to be all the ironing I'm creating.

Tomorrow Wales faces Ireland in the Six Nations. I am so looking forward to that. The Winter Olympics have also started. I can't say I'm that excited but I might watch some events if the weather keeps me housebound.