Thursday, 20 February 2014

Another Week, Another Face Plant.

And it was all going so well
Having recovered from my last chest infection and the low blood pressure I was confident that there would be no more fainting. I had, however, reckoned without the vagaries of the air conditioning at work, which decide to stop working. Walking in this morning it was as though I'd walked into a furnace. I ripped my jumper off as quickly as I could but my knees buckled and all I could hear was a lot of shouting while the only thought going through my head was 'well this is embarrassing'. I was soon surrounded by fans and concerned colleagues and being plied with cold water. I began to feel better but was sent home as a precaution. Once in the car I whacked the air con up to full freeze mode and sat for a few minutes before setting off home.

Of course by the time I got home I was feeling fine and a bit of a fraud. I changed and washed in cool water and then checked my blood pressure. It was a bit on the low side but not low enough to be a problem, though as Peter pointed out it had probably started to recover on the way home.

I know some people will think it is silly to faint because it is a bit warmer than usual but PH patients do have problems with heat due to the medication.

PH is essentially very high blood pressure in the lungs. The drugs we are given relax the blood vessels, which in turn lower the blood pressure. When the body gets hot it naturally widens the blood vessels so the body get as much blood to the cooler surface of the skin in order to cool down. When a PH patient overheats its a bit of a double whammy and over you go. Hopefully things will be fixed by Monday, when I'm next due in.

The rest of the week has passed without incident and it has been lovely going to and from work in daylight at last. Monday morning was particularly beautiful thanks to it's glorious sunrise. I'm hoping for more of them in the weeks to come.

In the news I've grown irritated by those supposedly in with the fashionable set, or jealous, aging harpies as I like to call them, whining on about the Duchess of Cambridge's hair. It's too long/curly/straight/unruly apparently. For goodness sake! She's a pretty young woman. So what if she has long hair. What is the problem? Just leave her alone.

The winter Olympics are still failing miserably to capture my attention. I have no idea what half the sports are or who's competing. Though from what I've heard maybe that's for the best.

The pictures are some of this weeks efforts for the 365 challenge.