Sunday, 9 February 2014

Slow Sunday.

I feel a little less spaced out this morning. In fairness I had quite a good night, waking only once but going straight back to sleep. Peter also had a very good night so we are both feeling a lot better today.

I watched Wales play with little enthusiasm, which was just as well as they played appallingly. They were undisciplined and all over the place. They deserved the loss. There goes the Grand Slam, we could still end up champions but it's going to take a hell of a lot of improvement. I also watched a bit of skiing, ice skating and snowboarding but couldn't get into it at all. Which is unusual for me because I watch Ski Sunday as often as I can. In the evening we forced ourselves to stay up and watch a film. The tactic worked because I was so tired I can barely remember getting into bed.

We have woken up to a wet and windy morning, what's new, but I have yet to turn on the news to see what damage has been done overnight. Unfortunately today will only be a small break in the weather and then only for this afternoon as another storm is moving in over night and then we are expecting the big one on Wednesday. It seems never ending but at least there is one thing in it's favour. It is mild. This time last year I was wearing jumpers to bed I was so cold.

Today is a 'get you house in order day'. We are getting all those horrible little housework jobs done so we are free to enjoy ourselves over the next few days. Tomorrow is going to be shopping day, well we have eat, and a quick trip to a charity shop to deposit some clothing. From then on we are free to do as we want.

The plan is still to do a few day trips but looking at the weather it might be difficult unless we are visiting something indoors. Norwich castle is still on, provided we can get there, and we may also pack a visit to the National Gallery or British Museum in as well. I know we go to London a lot but they are usually for hospital appointments and by the time we get out half the day is gone.

I was woken by a very insistent Smirnoff who wanted feeding. I'd forgotten to put biscuits down last night, that shows how tired I was, and he was hungry poor love. Smirnoff really doesn't like the weather. He is very nervous and skitish when the wind blows. He also thinks it is all my fault and keeps looking at me as if to say 'make it stop Mum', if only I could.

This afternoon, once I have got the housework out of the way, I'm going to do a little more painting so I'd better get on with it.