Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I'm Like A Rubber Ball...

This will be my last post until the weekend as I'm going back to work tomorrow. Yay! I am getting a little stir crazy and I feel great so why not. I'm still on antibiotics, which will continue for another five days, but they have certainly hit this one on the head. Of course I could get the call tonight, doubtful but I could, in which case I will not be returning to work for some time. There is always hope.

That's the trouble with me. No matter how gloomy I get or how ill I become I always, always bounce back. Some would say it is a good thing but sometimes I wish I wasn't quite so optimistic because I'm constantly getting disappointed. I suppose it is better for those around me though. If I was constantly moaning or looking on the dark side I think I'd be very lonely right now. No one wants to hear constant complaining. That's the problem those of us with serious illnesses have. Because we are used to feeling grotty or being in pain we tend to get on with it, while others make a fuss about everything. Sometimes I listen to someone going on and on and on and I'm thinking 'if only you could spend a day in my body, how would you cope then?' Occasionally I feel like screaming 'suffering! You think you're suffering? Grow up!' Of course I don't and never would, I'd lose my job for one thing, but mainly because if they can't feel what I feel then I can't feel what they're feeling. There are always and will always be people who are worse off than me.

Last night I watched saw an advert for a weight loss programme. The woman, who was overweight but nowhere near obese, was sobbing away because she felt so awful about her situation. The tears were real, this was no actress, but I had no sympathy at all. Is that bad? I just thought 'well you got yourself into that mess, get yourself out'. To be fair she did and looked fantastic. However it I got me wondering how that tactic would work for an advert for organ donation. It would be useless using me, I'd be there smiling and saying how 'nice it would be' to find a donor. Hardly the grip you by the throat 'I need your organs or else I'm going to die' message that's really needed.

Can you tell how bored I am? I'm commenting on adverts. Tisk!

Yesterday I tested the waters and found that the ironing, cooking and laundry did nothing to upset my breathing. My SAT's remain at 89 - 91%, very good for me and certainly a sign that whatever was ailing me has gone, at least for now. Of course this might be down to my extra diuretic. I'm no longer taking the extra one every other day but now every third day. It has had a remarkable effect on me. My tummy and ankles have gone down while my oxygen levels have gone up. Clearly I was slowly drowning. I will continue with my regime until I next attend the PH clinic in April but for now it seems to be working and I'm not dehydrated so no more dizzy spells. Bonus!

I'm keeping up with my 365 challenge. OK sometimes I get a bit desperate and end up taking pictures of packets of crisps but a picture is a picture. I've included some of my latest efforts in this blog. Actually I had a pretty difficult decision to make last night. Should I go for the pickled onion Monster Munch or the flamin' hot? I love them both. I especially like the flamin' hot with a sprinkling of Worcester sauce over them. After a lot of thought and consideration I had both. Piglet!

Well I'd better go and check I can locate all my uniform for tomorrow. There is nothing worse than losing your security pass at six thirty in the morning. It makes getting into the building a bit tricky as the receptionist doesn't arrive until eight. Next blog Friday.