Saturday, 1 February 2014

Souped Up.

Well my trip out was cold, damp and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Peter fussed and worried about me getting wet or being too cold but I had three layers on and a coat, gloves and hat so I think I was fairly well covered. We went to Dunstable Tesco's as it has a covered walk way from the car park so we could make sure my trike, I decided against the wheelchair, would stay dry during assembly and I could trundle most of the way in undercover.

Being a Friday afternoon it was quieter than usual so we went around in double quick time, to be fair we only needed a few things, and we were soon back home feeling non the worse for wear. Andrew beat us to it by about half an hour and we were greeted by dripping biker gear draped all over the dining room. Lovely! I then embarked on one of the biggest disasters I've ever made. Seriously do not try this at home.

A successful Tomato soup
I am one of the worlds biggest soup lovers. I love soup. I find it warming comforting and practically the only thing I can eat when feeling off colour. As a result I make a lot of the stuff and I am always on the look out for new recipes. A few weeks ago I found a Mary Berry recipe for sweet potato soup. I was delighted as I love sweet potato and being a Mary recipe what could go wrong? So yesterday I bought the ingredients and got to it. The description promised a 'spicy, warming soup with a vibrant colour'. I followed the recipe to a 'T' and all seemed to be going well apart from the slightly sludgy colour. I reasoned that the colour would change once all the ingredients were whizzed up and blended.

One hour later and I stuck the blender into the pot and whizzed expecting a vibrant orangy yellow colour as seen in the picture on the recipe. I got a grey/beige sludge. Andrew, who had wandered into the kitchen in the hope of great things, commented 'maybe it'll taste better than it looks. So out came the spoons and we sipped tentatively. The smell wasn't that appealing and I nearly spat my spoonful straight out. It didn't really taste of anything much but there was this rather sweet, cloying hint of something deeply unpleasant. Not willing to give up I poured both Andrew and myself a bowl and tried dipping with some bread. I couldn't finish it. It actually made me feel quite sick. Peter took one sip and pulled a face indicating he wouldn't be taking anymore.

So I'm afraid it will be washed down the sink at some point today as it is stinking the kitchen out, I've actually been burning josh sticks in an effort to drown it out, but I have found another recipe for roasted red pepper soup. Maybe in a couple of weeks, until then I'm sticking with what I know.

Today is the start of the Six Nations rugby tournament and no prizes for guessing who I'm supporting. I love rugby and get extremely excited about it. I scream, I shout, I jump up and down and on very rare occasions do a lap of victory around the living room. Quite often at the end of a match I feel I've played it, not just watched it. Wales are the reigning champions and if they win this year that'll be three in a row. The competition is going to be tough though, but I'm sure we will come out victorious again.

In the news Justine Bieber has been arrested again, this time for assault. Has anyone's career ever disintegrated quite so quickly? Sadly he still has quite a large fan base. I wonder what will happen when these teeny boppers start to grow up and realise what it is they were really supporting.

Naturally the papers are full of the Kercher case, with Amanda Knox taking center stage and pulling out all the 'poor me' angles she can think of. Will the USA send her back to Italy to face the music? I won't be waiting with baited breath.

Aberystwyth appears to have survived this morning's tidal storm as it hit further south. They are not out of the woods yet with at least another high tide and more high winds to come later today. However the rugby might not escape entirely unscathed. The Wales versus Italy match is being played in Cardiff and, although the match should take place without any problem, the worry is for the fans travelling to and from the venue. Have these people issuing the warnings ever come across a determined Welsh rugby fan? I think not! It'll take more than a bit of wind and rain to prevent them watching the match, believe me. Tenacious is just not in it.

Right time for my cuppa and yet another antibiotic. I swear that if you picked me up and shook me I'd rattle.