Monday, 10 February 2014

The Parrot Sketch Revisited.

Gosh it has been a really busy day.

For once we had a dry and sunny day so we took advantage and set off early to get the mundane tasks out of the way so we can enjoy the rest of our week.

First up was a trip to the post office. I had one medium parcel and four jiffy bags to send so we pulled up outside our village post office and I nipped inside. Now in my naivety I thought a bit of extra business would be welcome as this post office has been threatened with closure more than once in the last few years. It is run by a rather eccentric lady who has a thing about parrots. She keeps at least three in the shop and while I'm queuing I get wolf whistled, asked how I'm feeling, offered a cup of tea, told 'good afternoon' and got given the price of a first class stamp in between a cacophony of squawks and whistles. By the time I reached the counter my head was ringing and I could barely hear the post mistress over the noise.

I plonked my parcels down on the counter and she glared at me over her glasses. 'You shouldn't be bringing in so many parcels on a Monday morning, I'm very busy.' I couldn't believe it. I was being told off for giving her my custom. I thought she was going to refuse to serve me but she barked instructions about putting things on scales and then started pushing stamps at me from under the glass window. Once everything was covered in bits of sticky paper I was told to 'shove them in that sack there',  which I did, paid and left to a parting shot of 'Good Morning' from one of the parrots followed by a hearty cackle.

It was then on to Milton Keynes where we visited Tesco first, stopped for lunch and then went on to Costco. The shops were so quiet we were done and dusted and on our way home by two.

We'd only been home a matter of minutes when Andrew arrived. He had a day off before his next shift so had come home to collect his post and take back as much food as he could squeeze into his top box and panniers. After all why go shopping yourself when your mum will do it, and pay for it, for you. Kids! He did have some good news though. He has passed another two exams and only has one more essay outstanding. All very good news this close to his finals.

I spent some of yesterday having a bit of a de-clutter and decided to finally move some of my vinyl albums up into the loft. We haven't had a turntable for a number of years now so I've gradually been replacing them with CD's and now have almost the complete set. I took a picture as I memento. One day, when I have the room and the money I might invest in a turntable again and play them. After all to us oldies music is nothing without the odd crackle and hiss here and there.

I have included my latest efforts for the 365 challenge. Hope you like them.