Sunday, 23 February 2014

Normal Service Is Resumed.

As if this weekend wasn't bad enough with fainting at work and reaching my 14 month marker it now looks suspiciously like I am developing another chest infection. I would love to know who I upset in a past life because they just cannot stop heaping the misery on me. Thankfully I have my emergency supply of antibiotics to back me up and I'll start those today and arrange an appointment with the GP tomorrow. So fed up right now I feel like getting under the duvet and staying there. Forever.

I have a new nemesis to contend with too, in the form of our local, 'friendly' postmistress.

As regular readers will know we are in the middle of a clearout/downsize and have put a number of items on Ebay in order to raise funds for a massive holiday if I get my transplant. This means a regular, almost daily, trek to the post office to send a variety of oddly shape parcels.

Last week we arrived on a Monday morning to be told not to come in with parcels on a Monday morning as she was very busy. A few days ago Peter went in with a parcel that was 'too small because the stamps wouldn't fit' and he was told he 'should have put it in a bigger box.' Putting it in a bigger box would have increased the postage. Yesterday we arrived with seven parcels and were greeted with a heavy sigh from the post mistress and a 'goodbye' from one of the parrots. There was a bit of a queue so Peter and I waited patiently with our parcels while we were entertained by the parrots. At one stage one of them toppled from it's perch and a loud 'bugger' was issued as it climbed back up. Everyone in the shop ignored it except for us who were reduced to tears. I was laughing so much I had to hold on to Peter, which wasn't appreciated as he was carrying all the parcels.

When we got to the front of the queue she stomped around weighing things and practically threw the stamps at us. As we were leaving Peter cheerfully told her that he would be back on Monday with another lot. This was greeted with a grunt and a glare. Thankfully I will be in work so Peter will have to endure on his own.

I have a feeling the post mistress will become a regular feature of this blog, well at least until we've given her a nervous breakdown or finished our clear out.

The weekend has been a mixed bag. We tried to make the most of the good weather on Friday and Saturday by going out for a mooch around the shops. We didn't buy anything, we rarely do, and as Peter said, it would be crazy to start filling the house again just as we are starting to clear all the clutter.

Yesterday I received a lovely email from a lady who's husband is currently waiting for a heart transplant. She wished me well and said that she had started reading my blog because of her situation. I am so touched and honoured that my ramblings are helping someone else. People always think they are alone when going through something like this. It warms my heart to think my little blog has helped someone realise they are not. This lady and her husband will be in my thoughts and prayers that their call comes quickly.

This afternoon is going to be feet up on the settee watching a film.

I was delighted with Wales' performance in the Six Nations on Friday night. After this weekend no one is going to win the Grand Slam but the championship is wide open. The big one, and probably the toughest, is still to come and that's the Wales versus England match. I just can't wait. I alway love the England/Wales match regardless of the score.

In the news I've been alarmed by the reports coming out of the Ukraine. I have a friend from the Ukraine. She lives in England now with her husband but she still has relatives and friends out there. She must be very worried and I hope her family are OK and haven't been caught up in any of the violence.

Right time to think of lunch and then a long week stretches before me, undoubtedly without any chance of a call from Papworth.