Saturday, 8 February 2014

On Australian Time

Goodness knows what happened to me last night but I hope it doesn't happen again.

We went to bed at our normal time, read a bit then turned off the light and promptly became wide awake. At 00:40, after lying there talking for two hours, we got up and went into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate in the hope it would send us off. It worked a treat on Peter, who was gone about five minutes after we turned the light off. I was still wide awake at five and thought I would never get any rest. The next thing I know it is light and the clock is saying eight thirty. To say I feel like a zombie would be an understatement. I'm going to be a grumpy girl all day.

Yesterday we decided to forego our usual trip to the shops. We have to go out Monday so we'll do it then, so I got the paints out and have started on something. At the moment it just looks like a splodgy mess but I'll take a picture when I'm happier about it. Any plans for today have been shelved and it is highly likely I'll be asleep on the settee this afternoon while trying to watch the rugby.

I watched some of the opening ceremony from the winter Olympics yesterday and is it my imagination or did they copy the London one? I haven't seen any of the events yet but I will. I'm off for a whole week so there is bound to be one day when I want to do nothing but vegetate in front of the TV. Today for instance.

Once again the weather is the main feature on the news. It is almost becoming normal to see people knee deep in water and cars abandoned on roads turned into rivers. Latest predictions are that the storm due later today could bring waves of over fourteen meters high. If that is true then it will be goodbye to most of our Victorian sea fronts. Those that are already damaged are especially at risk as local councils have had no time to effect repairs or put in defenses. Having said that I can't see much being able to defend against fourteen meter waves.

I must say sorry to those living in Norwich. Of course you are not on the coast. What was I thinking, but your are closer to the coast than I am so my concern still stands, especially as some of our main roads are under water now.

I really need to take a nap so I will finish here. Next blog tomorrow, when I will hopefully not be doing a good impression of the walking dead.