Sunday, 16 February 2014

Back To The Rat Race

I cannot believe that I'm back in work tomorrow. That ten days went so quickly I barely had time to catch my breath. However I've had a really good time getting out and about instead of being stuck indoor watching TV. In fact I've been out and about so much I've barely had time to watch any day time TV at all. Today is going to be different though. I'm having an enforced rest day to ensure I'm at full charge before tomorrow's onslaught.

There is no rugby this weekend, which has left me distraught. I've become used to getting all excited on a Saturday. Now I'm going to have to wait until Friday before I can stress out watching Wales play, hopefully better than they did last time. So, if there are no old films on, I'm going to pay homage to Roger Lloyd Pack aka Trigger and watch some of my Only Fools and Horses collection. There are probably better ways to spend a Sunday but most of them are off limits to me so I'll just have to make the best of it.

One thing this week off has left me is massively frustrated. I was fine until Wednesday until I visited Norwich Castle and realised just how limited I'd become. It wasn't just the fact that I was banned from certain areas, and it is always the bits I'd find most interesting, but just the day to day getting around.

Take the cafe where we had lunch for instance. The tables were set so close together that you had no chance of getting my trike or even a wheelchair between them. Having to leave my trike outside left me feeling nervous as I was worried it would be moved by an officious security guard or stolen.

Then on the days we went shopping we found some shops I couldn't even get into as they had a step at the entrance. Those I could get into had rails, shelves or displays so closely packed I was in danger of knocking things over with the slightest movement. My absolute favourite was a charity shop which had helpfully installed a ramp for disabled access. Right at the top of the ramp they'd installed a stand displaying crockery. It was impossible to get around on my little trike so goodness know how the traditional scooters would fair.

Despite having a lot of fun I still long for the days when I could get around on my own two feet. A lovely sunny crisp day such as today would have me and Peter heading for the hills and a long walk before returning home rosy cheeked for hot chocolate and buttered toast. On wetter days we'd head for the local pool and spend a couple of hours ploughing up and down in warm water. We certainly would not be sitting watching old movies every Sunday as we are now. Of course in the summer we do go out and visit places and attend the occasional car boot sale or Antiques fair but only if it on flat solid ground. My trike does not do wet grass or mud.

Day to day I'm limited too. I can't vacuum anymore and that drives me mad as it used to be done every other day. Now it's once a week at most. I can't dust as it makes me wheeze so that has to wait until I'm out of the house and Peter is at home. I can still iron, I do it sitting down, but carrying laundry baskets and hanging out the washing is beyond me. Another source of contention as none of my boys can peg out properly. A lot of people say to me how lucky I am not to have to do all the mundane stuff anymore but they don't realise that 'mundane' is normal. One of the first things I'm going to do once I'm fit again is clean the house top to bottom.

And so after a lovely week, which I have throughly enjoyed, I'm left feeling that I could have enjoyed everything so much more if only I were fit. By next Friday I'll have been waiting for my new life for fourteen months. I'm trying to remain positive but it is become harder, especially when you feel you've missed out.

So today I'm making that good old comfort food Toad in the Hole. Andrew is due home any minute after a really tough week on placement so I though a bit of old fashioned cooking would just hit the spot.

Having said that I'd better get on and start preparing. I'm fancying apple and blackberry crumble for afters. Sounds good to you? Yep me too. Next blog Friday.