Sunday, 2 February 2014

Heart Awareness Month

February has been designated 'Heart Awareness Month'. During the coming weeks there will be lots of information sent out on how to keep your heart healthy and how to spot potential problems. As much as possible I will add bits and pieces to my blogs to keep you updated. Also look out for news articles, television and radio programmes and initiatives by your local health authority.

So lets start on a positive not and take a look at a perfectly normal, health heart. (It's OK, nothing gory just a diagram.)

My heart was thumping like a drum when watching the match yesterday. It was a really tough match but Wales came through and a win is a win right? I have to say that when Wales made a try in the first few minutes I thought we might be looking at a bit of a whitewash, but Italy was not so easily defeated and came roaring back with a vengeance. I have to say I always enjoy the nail biters more than the walk overs so I had a really good time.

The England France match was another edge of the seat match and for a while it looked as though England had got it. However France came back stronger in the second half and won in the final few minutes by a couple of points. The Ireland v Scotland match has just started as I write this so I'll be nipping down to watch it as soon as I've posted.

Health wise I'm feeling a hell of a lot better today. My cough has finally all but gone, I still cough when I wake up but have done so for years. My oxygen SATs are impressive at the moment hovering around the 89%. Not bad when normal for me is around 85%. I'm beginning to eat well again but my craving is mostly for fruit and veg so I'm piling my plate with health stuff figuring that food is food and at least I am eating even if it isn't the high calorie stuff. I did indulge in a plate of nachos covered in melted cheese last night while watching a film, so it's not all bad. Or should that be good?

Andrew's results are still trickling in and he has received one of his essays back which he passed with a very high mark. Brilliant! Just one essay and two written exams outstanding and then we can breath easy until the next time.

Peter presented me with a load of stuff to put on Ebay this morning so I've spent most of my time photographing and listing the items. He's got a lot of old car stuff lying around from all his renovations and upgrades so may as well get rid of them. I've also dug out and put on a few more items too. We decided that as we want to move house in a year or so we need to start clearing out all the accumulated junk. If we can sell the stuff and put the money to a good cause, why not. There is no point hanging on to it 'in case it comes in useful' and we really do need to de-clutter. I've got a feeling that every time I return from work I'm going to find another pile of stuff on my desk ready for me to list. Still it gives me something to do and keeps me out of trouble and best of all our holiday fund is going to be huge if we manage to sell everything.

Right better get to the settee, don't want to miss the whole match.