Sunday, 6 October 2013

Strictly Celebrations

The news from the hospital is that Kath has managed some tea and a little ice cream but she is still extremely tired. Although it is progress we can't expect too much these next few days as she begins to recover her strength and rests. I am delighted for her, her progress seems to be text book so far and I'm hoping that will continue.

 Today is the day that I no longer have teenage children as Andrew turns twenty. To celebrate we are having a family meal and I'm cooking his favourite, roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings. A roast Sunday lunch used to be a regular event in our house but it is very rare now. With myself, Laurence and Andrew all doing shift work getting us all together requires planning that would not shame NASA. For instance Christmas day for us falls on the 28th this year as that's the only day we are all free. Crazy isn't it?

My face no longer looks like an over ripe tomato but is now blotchy and sensitive to touch. I supposed I should have gone to get it checked out but as it's happened before, but maybe not quite so badly, I didn't see the point. I'm hoping that with some tender loving care it will have cleared up by tomorrow as I have to go into work. Yes you did read that right, work. When I booked my leave I was given all but two days where there were not enough staff in to cover. I managed to get the Tuesday off after a bit of a fight but they wouldn't budge on the Monday. Still it is just one day and as Peter is working as well not a day I'd be doing anything on anyway. On Tuesday I'll be packing and then Wednesday will see me on the road to Canterbury. So excited!

The Birthday Boy!

Strictly Watch

Oh my goodness! Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Charleston was to die for. I suspect if it were not for the fact that it was only the second show she'd have got tens for that, instead it was nines across the board. Brilliant!

At the other end of the scale was Tony Jacklin. Now I know he's sixty nine but even so I don't know why he agreed to do Strictly and I suspect he doesn't either. My biggest emotion when watching him dance is fear that we might be about to experience Strictly's first death on the dance floor, fit he is not in any meaning of the word. I never seen anyone sweat so much, the man is a heart attack waiting to happen. While his mouth is saying he's loving it and wants to stay on, his eyes are saying something entirely different. There is a look of panic and helpless in them and I think it would be the kindest thing in the world to vote him out this weekend.

Talking of death on the dance floor the programme was devoid of Sir Bruce this week as he has been suddenly taken ill. No one is saying what is the matter but I suspect a cold or flu but he is starting early this year.

So we had to put up with that dreadful sixties style throwback Claudia Winkleman. Now I always thought that Tess was a bad dresser but at least she does make an effort and last night's little number wasn't bad. Claudia however dresses as though she's just popping down the shops. That's if she can see where she is going under that fringe.

Back to the dancing and also putting on a good show were Suzanna Reid, Patrick Robinson and Abbey Clancy, though none sparkled as much as they did in the first show they still put in a good performance. Abbey seemed to take the criticism badly and looked at one point as though she was going to burst into tears.

Down at the bottom, along with Tony was Hairy Dave. I personally thought he'd improved but the judges disagreed and only awarded him one more point than last week. I think he'll be safe this week though as, although I think he is heading for the bottom two, he will be against Tony and I think it will be Tony who will be shown the door.

The best of the rest were Fiona, who managed to kick poor Anton in the shin, and Mark who gave another hilarious performance. I think he'll go far for the comedy performance alone.

Front runners this week Sophie, Suzanna and Patrick. Set for bottom two Tony, Dave or Vanessa with Tony going out.

Next blog Tuesday.