Thursday, 10 October 2013

Canterbury Day One

Hi all, just a quickie to let you know I am still alive and having a really good time.

We visited Canterbury Catherdral today and I took loads of photos, unfortunately I cannot download these until I get home so the pictures on this blog are from my phone and not as good.

Canterbury Cathedral

Although sunny for the most of the day it was windy and cold and I had to resort to getting a hat off a street trader to keep my ears warm. I looked rediculous but I was warm and dry so really didn't care that much.
The West Gate
I was brimming with excitement when going to the Cathedral and was expecting to pay the full adult price of £9.50 to go in to the grounds but to our amazement they only charge half price for me and, as my carer, Peter got in for free. Whilst in the catherdral I lit candles for Anne, Kath, myself and all those waiting for transplant and, after chatting to one of the officials there, prayers will be said tomorrow morning.

The Pilgrims Hospital, one of the many historical buildings in the town
I have to say they could not be more helpful, there were two lifts, one you have to request as it is operated by hand, so you could see almost everything. Even so there was still one area I could not get too, which was very frustrating. I did manage to see the spot where Thomas Beckett was killed but was very disappointed. It is depicted by a hideous modern sculpture of three swords dripping blood and a square marble stand representing the alter. Somehow it just didn't have the vibe of something historic and sacred about it.

Me in that hat.
We also did the wall walk, which took about an hour and found some really out if the way gems that were completely devoid of tourists. Even the ruins of the medieval castle had ramps and smooth walk ways so disabled carriages could explore without difficulty. Other towns could learn a lot from Canterbury's attitude to disability. The only problems I encountered all occured due to bad parking or street cafes blocking the pavement.

Right must go, as I said just a quick update. Will post a more indepth account with lots of good (I hope) pictures when I get back,