Friday, 11 October 2013

A Bit Wet!

I hear that Kath is out of bed and back writing her own blog. This is terrific news considering it hasn't been two weeks since the transplant. I am really looking forward to seeing Kath when I go in for check up on the 18th.

It has piddled down all day today but that hasn't really bothered us as we'd planned a day mostly indoors at the various museums around Canterbury. First up was a trip to the Abbey which was a bit of an adventure on the trike but more on that in a later post. Fortunately it only started raining as we finished our tour.

We headed back into the center of Canterbury and stopped for a light lunch at one of the small cafes in the area. Then it was on to the Roman Museum, where unfortunately there happened to be a school trip consisting of millions of pre teens in attendance. Then is was on to the Heritage museum and we rounded up the day with The Canterbury Tales experience and 'experience' was exactly what we had, but again more of that in a future post. We were not allowed to take pictures in any of these places but I sneaked a shot on my phone of Bagpuss.

Last night we ate out at a lovely little Italian place and I'd highly recommend it to anyone visiting this lovely city.


Well got to go, please excuse this pictures, once again they are only phone shots and some, especially the sneaky ones, are a bit shaky.