Sunday, 20 October 2013

Strictly Lying In

Finally I've managed to get that most needed lie in. Without Papworth, flu jabs or work to worry about I not only had an uninterrupted night but managed to make it until eight thirty before being woken up by Tarmac wanting his breakfast.

Before I go any further an update on Kath. She was allowed home this weekend, only overnight but it's a start. If things continue to go to plan, and I see no reason why not, she will be allowed home for good at the end of next week. I am so thrilled for her. No one, least of all Kath, expects a clear path over the next few weeks and months. There are bound to be bumps, some big and some small, and it is going to take some getting used to being well again. However for Kath the miracle happened and I'm just praying I have an equally smooth ride when my turn comes.

The flu jab passed without incident, though the nurse giving it could have been a darts player and I've suffered no ill effects apart from a stiff arm. So another year another jab and all is well, thank goodness.

Andrew's home this weekend and is preparing for his first night shift on Monday. This preparation means staying up until five or six in the morning and sleeping the day away. To be fair it's no different to his behaviour when he was sixteen. Of course it means I don't get to chat to him as much and the only real indication that he is at home is the pile of dirty dishes in the sink each morning, no, he still hasn't managed to locate the dishwasher, and the motorbike gear strewn everywhere. However he's home and safe and being well fed, indicated by the way supplies are disappearing from the fridge/freezer, and I'm a happy bunny.

Today I'm taking it easy. True, I have some ironing to do but it isn't much and is mostly my uniform for work. I've planned ahead and prepared a massive cawl (Welsh Stew) that I bunged in the slow cooker and Andrew turned on before going to bed this morning. So the only cooking I have to do is make up the dumplings and sling them into the pot twenty minutes before serving. There will be loads left and Andrew will take some back to uni with him so he will have something hot to eat before going on shift. I will leave a portion out for him this evening and the rest will go in the freezer, though I might take some into work with me tomorrow.

In the news Eastenders viewing figures fell to less than five million this week and was beaten by the Antiques Roadshow for heavens sake.

Now I've watch this programme from the very first episode but it has lost it's appeal recently and if it were not for the fact it is on while I'm having my evening snack I wouldn't watch it at all. The main problem is that it has lost touch with reality in a big way. There were always the little niggles, mostly caused by filming six weeks ahead, such as snow falling when it is 20C outside, or characters walking into the pub in bright sunshine only to emerge, in EE time, ten minutes later into pitch black night.

However the big, big problem this week was Sam's kidney transplant. A week ago Sam and Dexter were in hospital where Dexter was donating a kidney and Sam was receiving one. Now this story was marred from the beginning by the fact Sam never mentioned dialysis once, when everyone knows, if your kidneys are not working dialysis will keep you going until a match can be found. This was totally ignored, probably to add tension to the storyline, and only managed to annoy me and several of my friends. The transplant happened on Friday 11th and Dexter nearly bled to death while Sam seemed to recover without any transplant medication being applied. This Friday, the 18th, Dexter was lying on the sofa, at home, still recovering from his ordeal while Sam was in the pub with a drink in his hand, admittedly a soft drink but even so. Anyone involved with transplants would tell you that he wouldn't even be allowed out after just one week. It takes longer than that just to stabilise the anti rejection medication. And no matter how close a match you are still going to need that at the very least.

You'd have thought the BBC would have learned from their Holby City fiasco when the mother of the donor got into the operating theatre to see the recipient, but no. The BBC seems absolutely intent on portraying transplant as inaccurately as possible. Do they not realise that some people take what they see on TV as gospel? I can guarantee there will be at least one person awaiting transplant out there who now think it's a doddle and that they will be home in a couple of days. How irresponsible can you get? I'd complain but I don't care enough about Eastenders enough these days to bother.

Strictly Watch

Well the star of the show this week has to be Mark. Not only was he dressed in gold lame and was dancing to one of my all time favourite songs from the 80's, yes really, I love MC Hammer, but he put on a brilliant performance. Mark just gets better and better and is it my imagination or is he losing weight?

Biggest disappointment, and I have to say this, even though it saddens me to the core, was Hairy Dave.

No longer as hairy as he was he's been spruced up, oiled, trimmed, tanned, forced into a suit the made him look like a stuffed penguin. Unfortunately this meant he'd lost the quintessential 'Dave', and although he got a higher score I found his dance a bit boring.

In fact I was disappointed by quite a few of the competitors this week. Deborah managed a jive without one kick or flick. Fiona almost fell over. Julian, well you are never going to make him look manly. And Suzanna looked like she had been electrocuted.

The biggest laugh and most interesting moment of the week was Bruno falling off his chair with laughter as the Judges talked about Rachel's bottom, a bit personal I thought.

At the top remains Patrick, Natalie and Abbey, though out of those three Patrick was my absolute favourite, though I do wish he'd stop pulling those stupid faces.

The final shock of the night was the dress Tess Daly wore. I absolutely loved it.

So for the dance off I see Julian, Deborah, Dave and possibly Fiona, though I think the later two have enough public support to keep them going for another week. If Julian is in the dance off this week he will go, unless he is up against Dave, as despite the public loving him the judges just want him gone.

Next blog Friday.