Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Guilty Pleasures

The news on Kath is that she is still sedated but is stable and showing slight signs of improvement. This is excellent news and with a bit of luck those small signs will turn into big signs very soon.

I had a bad day yesterday. I was so tired I couldn't get on with anything. We even ended up having an instant pasta as I couldn't be bothered to cook. Peter was working in the afternoon so I settled myself on the settee with a book and tried to read. When I got fed up with that I watched some TV and settled on an old black and white war film. When that finished I went online and started looking up places we can go and see in Canterbury next week. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it.

I'm not taking my laptop so I'll be more or less cut off from the world. Unfortunately I can't get away from it altogether as I'll have to carry my phone in case I get 'the call'. Yeah, right, like that is going to happen but we live in hope. As you can guess the delight for Kath has turned into big downer for myself. One of my friends said I should look on the positive side in that there is now one less person I'm in competition with and I'm now a bit further up the list. This of course is true and no doubt I'll be looking at it that way in a day or two but for now it is difficult.

I feel terrible that I feel like this because I am genuinely delighted for Kath, I just can't help feeling sorry for myself at the moment.

Anyway, got a bit side tracked there, I finally made it up to bed at midnight, now that is really late for me but despite the overwhelming tiredness I knew that as soon as my head hit the pillow I'd be wide awake. As it turned out I dropped off fairly quickly and slept late. Peter woke me up with a cuppa and the papers at nine. After a quick shower and a check for any news on Kath I decided to take my mind off things by making a curry from scratch.

I'm wearing the red one whilst taking this picture
Gardening used to be my refuge from anything bothering me now cooking is taking over that role and I'm getting better and better at it. As I mixed and ground the spices, squeezed the lemons and chopped the onions I felt my mood lifting and by the time I'd got it in a pot and bunged it in the oven I was feeling a little bit happier about things. If it turns out OK I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

So today I'm waiting for a parcel and feeling a little guilty. While online yesterday I sort of strayed onto the Next website and I sort of accidentally ended up buying six, yes count them, six, tops. And this from a woman who hates shopping! All I can say is no one else close to me had better have a transplant this year because I'm going broke, lol! To be fair, being a bit of a slouch when it come to clothing I am desperately in need of some winter tops. I've got loads of short sleeved stuff and loads of thick jumpers but nothing in between. The tops I've bought are all long sleeved, light enough to wear indoors but thick enough to act as an extra layer when I go outside. I admit I felt a bit chilly wandering around in just a tee shirt and fleece on Monday.

My one worry, apart from the money I've spent, it whether they will fit. I'm a busty lady but a skinny one and depending on the cut and the generosity of fabric I can take either a ten or twelve. I've ordered everything in ten as from the pictures they look rather loose fitting, however you can never tell until they get here. Oh surprise, surprise! While typing this they have just turned up at the door. I've tried one on and it fits, the one you can't see is bright red and I'm wearing it.

A guilty pleasure

While I'm in confession mood I'll also admit to buying a bit of nostalgia and that also arrived today. Yes I'm a closet Monkees fan. What can I say, even hard core rockers like something a little different now and then.

Right, I'm off to rearrange my wardrobe while listening to Day Dream Believer.