Sunday, 27 October 2013

Strictly Stormy

My cold is at it's hiatus and has not improved or deteriorated overnight so I'm hopeful that I've turned the corner and am on the mend. There is still a massive question mark over work tomorrow but that can't be answered until later or even tomorrow morning.

Yesterday's trip out didn't help as much as I'd hope and instead of feeling revived and clear headed on my return, as I had on Friday, I just felt cold, shivery and miserable. I sulked through the rest of the day constantly sneezing, coughing and moaning about how rough I felt. I must have been off because I rarely complain but just couldn't stop myself. I did have a really good night's sleep though so that was helpful.

What is worrying me about my cold is my lack of appetite. I just do not want to eat. I'm drinking plenty but food just isn't cutting it. I've bought some raspberries and blueberries to snack on in the hope the sudden burst of vitamin C will improve things but they are hardly going to help with my little weight problem. However I do have a treacle toffee sponge sitting in the fridge, which might well be brought into service if I improve later today.

Storm clouds gathering over Harlington

Today is going to be one of sitting on the settee picking at fruit and drinking vast quantities of tea, honey and lemon and Complan. Andrew and Svet are going into London to see the sights as they didn't manage to cover everything on their last trip, so I have the house more or less to myself. They've promised to be back by early eveing though as tonight we are expecting 'The Storm', da, da, dah!

Yes a storm is forming in the Atlantic and is set to sweep over most of the country from midnight tonight. Why do these things always happen at night? The weathermen have been sending out increasingly panicked bulletins about strapping down any garden furniture and having your insurance company on speed dial.

I think we are in for a shower.

Now here in sleepy Bedfordshire we don't usually take much notice of things like severe weather warnings. The rest of the country can be knee deep in snow, water or hail stones and we get a light shower, we call it the 'Bedfordshire Bubble'. However this time Bedfordshire is right in the middle of the 'red zone' where the highest wind and heaviest rain is expected. I have a feeling it's going to be an interesting night. My heart goes out to our emergency services, they are going to be run off their feet.

And talking of interesting nights.....

Strictly Watch

Hurray! Dave has ditched the penguin suit and is back to his funny, uncoordinated, out of time best. The judges fought hard to keep straight faces while giving their critique but it was a losing battle and even Craig, fresh from his replacement hip op, couldn't stop grinning.

Others that impressed me were Patrick, despite having his wrist strapped up after an accident in rehearsals, Mark, though this week he was deadly serious, and Fiona, who for once didn't mess up.

Down at the bottom was Rachel who still seemed to be smarting from being in the bottom two last week. Unfortunately she failed to impress and got a roasting for her paso. I don't know what's happened with her. She started so well but all the energy and fight has gone out of her over the last couple of weeks.

Deborah was better than last week's jive but I found her dance a bit plody. Suzanna failed to impress too, which surprised me.

Top three this week Patrick, Abbey and Mark. Down at the bottom dear Hairy Dave, Rachel, Deborah and Ben, who despite improving has the ability to make every dance look the same. In the dance off by rights it should be Dave but I think the public will keep him out of the bottom two for at least one more week. The minute he does go into the dance off he'll be gone and Strictly will lose one of it's shining stars and great entertainers.

So I think it could be Rachel and Deborah with Rachel going.

Right time to watch the Grand Prix, India this week. I'm not that bothered to be honest as the odds are on that Vettel will win and become world champion, again. The only person who could stop him is Alonso but he has to win. What a choice, my two least favourite drivers. This is going to be one race I'm not going to enjoy.