Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It's All Greek To Me!

There are many things in this world that I don't understand. How they fit 2000 songs on a usb stick no bigger than my thumb nail. How my cats know exactly when it is feeding time down to the last minute. How one key stroke can cause my computer to freeze up and crash when it was perfectly fine yesterday. And my dreams.

My dreams always amaze me. In them I've flow a plane across the Atlantic, I'm scared of flying. I've had a shoot outs at the OK Corral, well Sainsburys actually and I never shop in Sainsburys. I've skied, surfed, broken planks of wood in two with my bare hands, won an Olympic medal and generally had a throughly good time. My dream last night was perhaps the most weird of all but has some basis in fact.

I was dressed in my teaching clothes, plain dark jumper and black trousers, black shoes. I mainly wore black because being left handed, and tiny, I had a habit of wiping things off the whiteboard with my boobs as I strained to reach high enough to write where all could see. I had my customary lanyard around my neck with my ID card, classroom keys and fountain pen dangling from it and I was in my classroom at my last school. Everything fine so far, it is only natural that my past life would play a part in my dreams now and then.

For those of you who never knew me back then I taught ICT and therefore my room was packed with computers. In my dream it had old fashion wooden desks, the ones with the lift up tops, and these desks were arranged in strict rows in front of me. So what was I teaching? Greek, and not even modern Greek. This was the ancient stuff and we were going through the alphabet by rote, the same method that I learned my times tables and Latin verbs, it's a good method because I can still remember my Latin and my times tables. I have no idea where this came from. I have a smattering of modern Greek, picked up during a holiday years ago, and of course I know Alpha, Beta, Gamma as does anyone who has ever done any science, so where did it come from? Unfortunately I still do not know ancient Greek because I cannot remember what I was saying but if I shut my eyes I can see the letters all printed out on an old fashioned blackboard in my hand writing. Oh and I was using a pointed stick too. How very strange!

Back in the real world Kath is now eating some solid food and has started telling Rob what to do. This is a good sign and in Kath's own words 'I feel I have turned a corner'. The hope is that she will be moved to the main ward later this week. Excellent!

Yesterday's stint in work wasn't too bad, though of course the rumour mill concerning shift changes is still working overtime. I've decided to stop stressing about things that haven't happened yet and, as far as I can, just go with the flow. So with that chore out of the way I too feel as though I've turned a corner and am looking forward to getting away from it all tomorrow.

First though I've got to rebuild my computer. I'm typing this up with some difficulty on an ancient laptop I keep for hospital stays. It is so old and bulky no one would look at it twice, let along steal it. All I did this morning was open my email and the computer just froze and then crashed. Restarting it was painfully slow and at first I thought I might have picked up one of the many viruses going around. I couldn't find anything odd on it but have decided to wipe everything and start again. Having permanently deleted the suspect email first. A rebuild doesn't take much time but it is a pain in the rear having to reload and configure everything to my liking. I am not a happy bunny at the moment.

What the hell have you done to it this time?

However this time tomorrow I'll be on the road and probably in a pub enjoying a meal as a  break in our journey. I know Canterbury isn't far but we are going slowly to take in as many sights on route as we can. Once I've got the computer downloading things I'll make a start on the packing. This isn't as easy as it sounds. I have to ensure I have all my meds and that includes the boxes of stuff I need to make up my drugs each night plus spares in case of accidents. I so wish I'd already got that new drug, it would be much simpler. The weather is turning colder, typical, so I'm packing my thermals too. I know it sounds as if I'm over reacting but if I were on my feet I wouldn't bother. Sitting on a trike for hours on end can be very chilly as there is no leg movemet to keep you warm.

As predicted Tony went out of Strictly this week and admitted it was a relief. I was surprised to see Julian in the dance off though as I thought he was quite good.

So goodbye for now. I don't know when the next blog will be, probably Sunday but I might just squeeze a word or two in here and there. And of course if 'the call' does come someone will let you know