Saturday, 26 October 2013

Being 'In The Way' at Pizza Hut

My cold is progressing apace and my head feels like it is about to explode but so far my chest remain clear.

I'm doing everything I can to minimise the effects and am wafting around in a cloud of Olbas Oil and downing pints of honey and lemon, home made of course. Oh for the days when I could take a pharmacy's worth of cold remedies and stay upright enough to stagger into work. Not anymore, like everyone on a whole range of prescribed drugs I'm limited to old fashioned remedies, which frankly don't work but do act as a distraction while you are making them. All I can do is sit it out. 

Presents from Bulgaria
I went out yesterday as I always find being out of the house clears my head and I must say I didn't feel too bad. However the experience I had at the hands of what I can only describe as a blonde, dumpy, sour faced cow certainly made me wish I'd stayed at home. I can't be bothered to write it all out again so here is an extract of the complaint now winging it's way to Pizza Hut.

'Our first experience took place approximately four weeks ago, I’m sorry I do not have the exact date, and was very good. I’m disabled and although I can walk short distances, I usually get about on a custom made mobility trike that is so small it fits inside a cricket bag. We were welcomed at the door by a smiling waitress who asked how mobile I was and gave us a seat as close to the buffet and disabled toilet as she could. She then put my trike next to the till where it ‘would be out of the way and I can keep an eye on it.’ My whole experience was wonderful and I was treated with courtesy, compassion and care.

I so wish my experience yesterday, 25th, had been as good. Please keep in mind that we were visiting on the same day of the week and at the same time of day, around midday. On this occasion I had my husband, son and his girlfriend with me and I had recommended this restaurant to them based on my previous experience.

We were greeted at the door by an unsmiling blonde who looked at my scooter and sighed heavily. She then led us to a table as far from the buffet and the disabled toilet as she could get. When my husband objected asking how I was supposed to serve myself from that distance she said, ‘I’m just putting you somewhere where you wont be in the way. Its half term and we are going to get very busy soon.’

After further objection she very reluctantly led us back to the area where we'd been seated on my previous visit. We were given a table, again some distance from the buffet but not out of my walking range. When we requested the trike be tucked away by the till, as it had been previously, she refused stating that a chair was in the way which, for some reason, she refused to move. My husband was forced to take the trike and park it outside. This upset me as I was worried throughout our meal that my only means of getting around would be stolen as we hadn't brought the lock with us not anticipating any problems.'

It was a totally horrible and humiliating experience and it will be a long time before I darken their doors again. I was so distressed that when I ran into two colleagues from work afterwards I completely forgot Shaun's name, which distressed me even more. I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. Fortunately for me he is a really nice chap and forgave me.

My present to Svet

The rest of the afternoon was great though as we visited all my favourite shops. I resisted buying anything  but have come up with a few things I can hint about for Christmas. I did weaken when I saw an enormous tub of sweeties. My excuse it that they are for Halloween, I bought a similar tub last year and had loads over. Two birds, one stone, if this lot doesn't help my weight I don't know what will. At the moment sucking on a lollypop is helping my sore throat too, so maybe that should be three birds.

Talking about presents, Svet bought me some lovely things from Bulgeria. A bag of crystals, note books, chocolate and a cat calender. We are very alike in our tastes and she always gets it spot on. Andrew says she is equally delighted with the things I get her. This time a carved box in which to store and burn incense, with some fragrances inside, she was delighted I'm happy to say.

Oh yum!

So time to feed my family. Going out again this afternoon to try and get some fresh air but I suspect it won't be for long as I'm really feeling a bit poorly today.

One thing is guaranteed to cheer my up though. Hairy Dave is doing the Salsa on Strictly tonight. Can't wait!