Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sleepless In Harlington

My goodness was it hot last night.

I just could not settle and my plight was made even worse by Tarmac who just wanted to be cuddled and insisted on lying on top of me all the time. Damn cat! I finally dropped off, I think, at around three and must have been in a really deep sleep when my phone went off. My first thought was 'not now, I've got too much to do' but once my brain de-fogged I realised it was a text, not a call so bleary eyed read it wondering what was so important that it couldn't wait until them morning. The time stamp said 3.38 and I had a slight panic remembering both my boys were working nights. The text was from Andrew and said. 'please text me at 1 to make sure I wake up.' Livid doesn't cover it. I'd nearly had a heart attack and my sleep ruined for that! I will be having words to remind him that just because he's awake doesn't mean everyone else is.

Me? Sit on people uninvited? I think not!

I was up at six, which I handled brilliantly this being my usual 'get up' time when I'm working, and after a quick shower I was on the motorway hot footing it to the airport to pick up Svet. Surprisingly this little task went without a hitch and we were back home well before eight. Shattered from the flight, she couldn't sleep because of a combination of heat and crying babies, Svet took herself off to bed for a few hours and I made a few phone calls. First was to the Warfarin clinic, which I'm supposed to be attending tomorrow to change my appointment. The second was to Papworth to let them know that I won't be at home for a couple of nights. Peter and I have long joked that I'll get the call the minute we arrive in Aberystwyth. So fingers crossed that my usual luck will hold out and everything will happen to cause the maximum disruption at the most inconvenient time.

This afternoon we are shooting down to Hatfield so Svet can spend a few hours with Andrew while Peter and I do some shopping and then it is back home for quite evening in front of the TV before an early turn in for all of us.

Tomorrow morning it will be a case of waiting until Andrew arrives home from his night shift and then we're off to Aber leaving Andrew and Svet in charge of house and cats. So the blogs over the next few days are going to be a bit erratic. It will depend entirely on two things. One, will I be able to find Wifi, my mum is not connected being a bit of a technophobe and  two, will I get any peace to write anything. Both are doubtful so the next blog will probably be on Sunday, if I get back early enough or failing that Wednesday. Take care.