Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hot, Bothered and Busy.

I'm starting this blog with just a little reminder.

Please enjoy this blog, please feel free to leave comments, good or bad, and please feel free to let others know about this blog. However, please DO NOT use this blog to advertise you commercial enterprises, religious or political views or businesses. This blog is free to everyone and is here for one purpose only, to inform people about life with PH. It is fine to link you blog if you also write about PH or transplant because it is useful for people going through the same thing to read how different people cope. If certain people continue to try and use this blog for financial gain then I'm afraid I'll have to do something I've never done before and that is block you. You have been warned.

Right back to the matter in hand.

Think I'm too big for your desk? Think again!

Today I feel completely drained. The last two days have been pure torture as the heat in the office continues to build. Yes we do have more fans but they only move the hot air around so any relief is brief to say the least. I had three fans on me yesterday and could still feel the sweat running down my back. At least one person has actually been so badly affected by the heat they have keeled over and had to be sent home. As for me well every time I've stood up I've felt dizzy. However it seems we are about to be rescued as a man came in yesterday to tell he believes the air conditioning has been fixed. Can't wait for Monday to find out whether this is actually true or not.

Outside of the office it is distinctly chillier as thunderstorms have given way to drizzle, grey clouds and a cold breeze. On the plus side I'm feeling 100% better and my appetite has returned, you should have seen the plate of pasta I downed yesterday. Now ideally if it could be this temperature, or maybe a couple of degrees warmer and sunny, I'd be a very happy bunny indeed.

I have got a rather hectic five days lined up.

Today I'm making up the spare room, running around with a duster and generally tidying up for Svet's arrival tomorrow. This afternoon I'm out looking at tumble driers. Ours died one Monday when we tried to use it on the stuff that had got caught in the thunderstorm. At sixteen years old we discovered it was cheaper to replace it rather than repair it so with that in mind we are off to compare practically everything about them before making a choice. It will be riveting I'm sure.

Tomorrow it is an early start to meet Svet at the airport. Then in the afternoon we are taking her down to Hatfield to see Andrew while we go and do a bit of shopping.

Friday Andrew arrives home after a week of night shifts and Peter and I leave for Wales.

Saturday lunch with the family, a quick look around the shops and an evening on the prom eating ice cream or chips covered in curry sauce, a very rare treat.

Sunday will be a leisurely drive home and then back to work Monday. Next weekend I'm doing....nothing.

Your ironing? Now? Really?

Yes I know is seems ridiculous to travel all that way for such a short visit but when you realise that it is two years since I saw my mother maybe you can understand the need to do this. After all I could get the call next week, next month and goodness knows when I'd see her again after that. Worse case scenario, and I'm not being maudlin just stating a fact, I may never see her again. So this trip is really, really important. I do have two weeks off in October when I plan to spend a week in Wales but something inside me is saying 'do it now' so that's what I'm doing.

As I type this I am having to battle with a very furry but determined little body.

Smirnoff is a huge coward when it comes to storms and since we've had a few recently he has been sticking really close to me. This entails trying to fit a very long cat onto a very short desk top, not always with any degree of success. On Sunday he even got up on my ironing board as I was using it so I would stroke him.

I love my moggies with a passion but that doesn't mean I like having to move a leg or tail out of the way whenever I want to move my mouse.

Well better get on with it, time waits for no man, as they say.