Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Transplant Games

Feeling so much better today.

Yesterday I was convinced my infection had descended to my chest as my breathing got worse and worse but I was puzzled because I had no pain, no cough or any of the other signs. Then I thought I might have a line infection, I've been paranoid since my friend Stacie got one and didn't realise until it was quite advanced. Again though I had no pain and checking the wound it was clean and odourless. So I was left scratching my head and then it dawned on me. I went and read the leaflets that came with the meds for my bad throat. I usually read everything but had only bothered with the leaflet from the antibiotic as I figured it was most likely to cause problems. The antibiotic was fine but the most common side effect of the spray was shortness of breath. Terrific, if I'd bothered to read it I would never have used it. So I stopped taking the stuff straight away, I had been using it every two hours, and this morning my breathing is better. Not quite as good as before I became ill but I suppose it will take a day or two to calm down.

Today I'm going to spend my time doing nothing, much like yesterday really. I slept really well last night and Peter had to wake me with a cup of tea to do my meds. This may be why I'm feeling so much better. Yesterday I kept drifting off on front of the TV I was so tired but I made myself stay awake as much as possible knowing that if I slept during the day I wouldn't get any sleep again overnight. My tactic worked and so I'm fairly bright and breezy this morning. If the weather is good I might even venture out to read in the sunshine and get a bit of fresh air. I know if my little problem reads this they'll probably complain, they have before, but it is ridiculous to think I , or anyone else, can go from sick bed to work without testing the waters first. And personally I don't see where the problem lies with sitting out and getting some fresh air when you are sick, it's not like I'm out hiking in the hills or anything.

Last night I saw the first advert for this year's Strictly Come Dancing. I am so, so excited I can't tell you. It is my all time favourite programme, only 'I'm a Celeb' comes close. So now of course I'm anxious to know who's on it. I've read rumours and speculation but you never really know until the first programme when they team everyone up.

Of course there is also a certain sadness to the start of Strictly as it's arrival heralds the end of summer and we know we are soon going to be plunged into dark evenings and cold, wet days. If the last couple of years are anything to go by we will have snow before Christmas. Although Autumn is my favourite time of year I do feel a certain sadness for the passing of the long hot days spent reading in the garden. This year winter will be slightly different for me than previous years though. Now I work shorter days I will at least see some daylight. I used to drive to work in the dark and drive home in the dark. Now I will at least see some daylight leaving work at four.

While off work I've been keeping an eye on the Transplant Games that are taking place at the moment. I must admit to feeling a twinge of jealousy when reading about people running, jumping and swimming. I so, so miss that part of my life. I hope that I too will be able to take part one day, maybe the next games, you never know. With autumn coming and my eighth month on the transplant list being marked tomorrow I can't help thinking now would be a very good time to have the operation. I can recover at home and take walks in the crisp cool air and not worry about how to get into work during a snow fall. In fact it would be the perfect time because come summer again I should be fit enough to at least go and paddle in the sea in Aberystwyth. Knowing my luck I'll get the call during the Strictly final.

Also in the news are the first official pictures of Prince George. These pictures are sweet, natural and gives not doubt that Kate and William are blissfully happy. However there is controversy. Why? Because these pictures were not taken by a stuffy court photographer in an ornate palace room. These were taken by Kate's dad in his back garden. Yes they are informal and unstuffy but isn't that what first baby pictures are supposed to be?

Well time to go and eat. I weighed myself this morning and I'm back down to seven and a half stone so I've got yet another mountain to climb. It just never seems to end.