Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Aberystwyth In August, Part One.

Gosh I'm so happy I've finished my three days in work. I was so tired after my trip to Wales but it was much more than worth it. So how did the trip go?

We set out around nine and decided to maximise our time in Aberystwyth by taking the motorways, and hopefully getting there fast, so it was M1, M6 and then M54. We then swapped to the A483, A70 and A44 where everything slowed to a crawl. We didn't see a caravan until we hit the Welcome To Wales sign and then there were millions of them.

As it was approaching midday and we were getting hungry we decided to cut our losses and stopped at a charming country pub for lunch. For the life of me though I cannot remember the name of the blasted place. Anyway we went in expecting the usual pub fare but were faced with what was essentially a Chinese restaurant. Sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice, beef curry and bean sprouts were gratefully received and then devoured as though we hadn't eaten for weeks. Well fed and much more relaxed we completed out journey with the windows wound down so we could breathe in the fresh air.

We arrived at two and my mum almost burst into tears when she saw me. I had warned her about my weight loss but it clearly was worse than she thought. Having calmed her down and with our bags settled upstairs we were treated to tea and cake while having a good natter.

Then we were off down town for a quick look around to see what had changed since my last visit. I was dismayed to see so many shops closed down and astonished that at the height of the holiday season there were so few people about. Aberystwyth used to heave with tourists throughout the summer but not now it seems. Thinking it was probably because it was getting late in the afternoon and with the shops all around us shutting up, we returned to mum's and more cake and tea.

After another good gossip and with my drugs done we headed into town again for two of my favourite things. A stroll along the prom at sunset, well Peter strolled and I pottered along on my trike, not quite the same but it will do until I can get back on my feet. Once the sun had set we grabbed two bags of chips covered in curry sauce and two cans of Vimto from the nearest chippy, Aberystwyth has quite a few of these, and settled on a bench on the prom to talk and listen to the sea.

Amazingly I polished off everything and even ran my finger around the inside of the plastic box to get the last of the curry sauce. Don't ask me why this little ritual is so special, it just is. Then it was back to mum's to watch the news and have an early night. We slept like babies and woke around seven to the sound of seagull calling. Fan-bloody-tastic!!

Enjoy the pictures, I will continue this story on Friday. Right now I have to get myself ready for a very sad day. I will be attending Anne's funeral tomorrow along with several other from the PH forums. It's going to be a very tough day.