Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Voyage of Discovery

This morning got off to a busy start as it was moving day, again, for Andrew.

Thankfully he didn't have that much stuff to move, the bad news is that he was four floors up and no lift so my contribution was to do the driving and then wait in the car park. He seems to be getting the hang of moving now and was all packed up and ready by the time we arrived. In less than half an hour we were back in the car and stuck in traffic on the M1. We've got roughly a two week hiatus now before we are moving him into yet another room for his second year.

It was a case of early to bed and late to get up this morning but I really needed the sleep and I feel much better for it. This afternoon I was looking for something in a cupboard and clearing out rubbish as I went. Does anyone else put stuff aside in case they 'might be useful in the future'? Well I did and found myself wading through old jam jars, set aside for the jam I never made, and bags of cloth, for the patchwork quilt I never finished. As it turned out I didn't find what I was looking for but did get rid off a whole load of junk.

Right at the back of the cupboard was an ornate box which looked rather familiar. I pulled it out, it was much heavier than it looked, dusted the lid and opened it not really expecting anything exciting. Inside were two decks of tarot cards, some jewelery, two very lovely dresses and a real live crystal ball. I was instantly transported back to my twenties and thirties when I was heavily into all things hippy and mystical. In short the younger me in a box. I sat down and dealt a quick reading spread and was surprised at how much I remembered. The I lifted out the crystal ball which felt heavy and warm to the touch. That's the thing with crystal over glass. You can always tell the difference because real crystal feels warmer to the touch. I briefly pondered having a quick gaze but decided against it, my mood wasn't right and I'm way out of practice. Maybe I'll give it ago when I'm alone in the house without any distractions.

I've put the dresses to hang in the wardrobe, sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy but I was shaking with excitement, I'd thought they were long gone. The green one is made of velvet with lace sleeves, I called it my Anne Boleyn dress, and the black is black lace over red silk, my 'vampire' dress. The jewelery needs a good clean as it has tarnished but there are some nice pieces. The Celtic pendant and dragon earrings look especially good considering how long it is since they've seen the light of day. I have no idea how I suffered the earrings, they are very large and very heavy and I couldn't wear them for long these days.

I can't believe how I managed to forget I had these things. I suppose with the arrival of children and a busy working life, like a lot of women, I put my own interests aside. Well I intend to start practicing with the cards again at least. Very soon I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands so this might be one way of stopping the cabin fever. Maybe I can start hiring myself out to fairs and village fetes, you never know.

I was very surprised and really pleased to get a call from my Australian cousin this afternoon. Jenny and her family are coming over in December and I can't wait. We had a short chat and made a few tentative arrangements. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I just wish I was fit enough to really enjoy their visit. Please come soon transplant so I can be well on the road to recovery by December.

So all in all a very exciting day and a delve into my past that I wasn't expecting. The only thing I've kept from those far away days are my long hair and my love of incense or 'joss sticks' as some people call them. My house often smells of Patcholi or Jasmine which my husband describes as me 'burning stuff again'.

Well time for a tea and a sit down and maybe a bit of quick revision on the tarot.

P.S. Strictly starts on 7th September. Whoopie-doopie-do-dah!