Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It Was 30 Years Ago Today.

Yes the big day has arrived and Peter and I have reached the big thirty. I cannot believe it, where the hell did all that time go? We got married at St Michael's Church, Aberystwyth on a glorious summers day to the sound of seagulls and the sea.

So what was his big surprise that I was so excited about, well a bottle of thirty year matured single malt whiskey. It is really difficult buying anything on my own now as I always need someone with me so I got this off the Internet direct from the distillery. I was so excited I presented him with it at breakfast. He was delighted but deemed 0730 just a little too early for a tasting.

Last night we were sat in the garden at midnight watching the fabulous display of meteors as the Perseids pass overhead. Luckily we had clear skies for once and we loved every minute of the twenty minutes we stayed to watch. However I was tired from a long day and gave up after that, Peter didn't want to sit out on his own so came in too.

Although shattered I had a very disturbed night and I've no idea why. I should have gone off like a baby but instead I just lay there staring at the ceiling and wondering why I was suddenly so awake. After a couple of trips to the loo I finally managed to slip into a doze, only to be woken up early by Andrew's alarm clock.

Breakfast was a cup of tea as I'm saving myself for our special lunch out . We were going to go out in the evening but as we are both working tomorrow decided it was too much of a risk and having to rush home, so I got enough sleep, would just ruin things. With lunch we can still enjoy ourselves and indulge without worrying about overdoing it as we have plenty of time to recover.

Andrew came on a flying visit yesterday, as he had a day off, and excitedly told us about all the jobs he'd had to do. Sadly his cardiac arrest didn't make it and die shortly after arriving at hospital but Andrew got special praise for keeping him going as long as he did. We are not going to see a lot of him over the next fortnight as he has lots of shifts lined up. Then he's back for ten days before uni starts up again and we'll be required to act as removal men and get him shifted from the room he's in now to the house he's renting with his mates for year two. We are fervently hoping it will be the last move we have to do this year.

I spoke to Laurence and have arranged for him to come down for lunch next Sunday, with a bit of luck Andrew will be free so all four of us can get together for a day, a rare event at the moment.

Looking back at our wedding photo's I look at two innocents who had no idea what fate had lined up for them. I'm pretty sure Peter wasn't banking on having to turn carer and seeing all out plans for retirement go down the drain. However we've stuck together through some very, very tough times and come out the other end. Sometimes I have a lot to be grateful for.