Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rest Days

I am really looking forward to the next two days. Not because I have anything planned but precisely because I don't. I'm going to spend two glorious days doing absolutely nothing, well apart from make meals and watch TV. Although I'm feeling well at the moment I've learned the hard way not to push things, which I've sort of been doing these last two weeks with one thing or another. So some good food, I've lots of fruit and veg lined up for snacking, and a good rest will hopefully set things back to rights. I've been feeling unusually tired these last few days so I've had the warning signs and for once have listened. How good am I?

Yesterday was, I hope, my last busy day for quite some time.

In the morning I went to the warfarin clinic, which mercifully, was rather empty. While waiting I was approached by a very elderly gent who wanted help with his phone. His son had insisted he have a phone after a fall but had given him a top of the range smart phone and the poor bloke couldn't work the thing. I went straight back into teacher mode and showed him the very basics, how to make a call, how to answer a call etc. I even set his son and daughter up on speed dial so if he fell again he could just press one button to get them.  He was ever so pleased and it passed the time nicely. I left feeling that I'd done my good deed for the day.

Then it was home for a quick lunch before heading out on the Tesco/Costco run. Having not shopped for two weeks and with two teenagers in the house, Svet was staying with us, my cupboards, fridge and freezer needed some serious stocking up.

Whilst shopping I wanted to pick up some coleslaw and salads for my lunches next week. As I perused the shelves I suddenly realised how expensive they were and, too be honest they are usually quite tasteless and soft. I like my salads crunchy and fresh tasting so decided to give making my own a go. I bought the ingredients and was pleased to find they cost a fraction of the ready made stuff. However I hit a problem, as with most PHer's cooking or preparing food can be a trial, and I knew that I'd probably give up on making my own as I'd be too tired or I'd cut too many fingers chopping everything.

As I mulled over what to do with all the stuff I'd bough a solution presented itself. I saw a small multi chopper and thought why not. I can get everything chopped, sliced, diced and grated in double quick time and without risk to any fingers. So call me foolish, call me impulsive but I bought it there and then. I'm now itching to use the thing but if I want a crunchy salad for lunch on Monday, the earliest I can prepared it is Sunday evening. Though I'm planning a trial run this afternoon so I can have salad with my lunch.

Cupboards re-stocked and new machine in the dishwasher I sank gratefully onto the settee for the rest of the evening while indulging in a cheecky little glass of Aspall's Suffolk Cyder. I adore the stuff and it was on special offer so treated myself.

After a deep long sleep I treated myself to a soak in the bath with a jasmine bath bomb and am now catching up with all my correspondence for the last two weeks. This afternoon I've lined up two of my favourite films. Bram Stokers Dracula and Some Like It Hot. A bit of light and shade there, a nice little balance.

I've also been going through the photo's I took last weekend. Some are good, some are brilliant and some are crap but hey, I had a good time taking them so every one is precious. I've included a few on here. They are from the Abergwesyn Pass, one of my favourite routes home. It is not a road for the faint hearted and in the wet on freshly gritted roads it is even trickier but well worth it. Unfortunately it was tipping down when we drove through it but the views were still spectacular, on a sunny day they are breath taking. All these pictures and more can be seen on my Flickr photo site. Link is in the righ hand column of this blog.

In the news, well not a lot of interest really. I was intrigued by reports coming out of Italy that they think they have found the model for the Mona Lisa. Really? How can they possible tell after all this time? OK, I know they managed to ID Richard III but he did have a very pronounced physical deformity to go on and they knew roughly where to look. With the Mona Lisa I think it will be mostly guess work but I'm still intrigued to see what they come up with.

Right being head butted by the cat. Either he's hungry or he's bought a present. I'd better go and check. More tomorrow.