Friday, 16 August 2013

Chopping, Dicing, Shredding and Slicing

Well I've had my Tefal multi choppy thing for a week now and have finally tried all the blades.

The overall impression was that things improve with practice, especially as the instructions that came with it were hopeless. It was a bit fiddly at first but I soon got the hang of it and can now report back.

It is excellent for shredding lettuce, cabbage etc, in fact I'd say this is what it does best. It is ok at grating cheese but much better with carrots. Slicing cucumbers, carrots or onions is good, tomatoes a disaster. As for dicing onions, well that's a bit of a mixed bag and I thought it would probably have been better to do them by hand.

My advice would be do not use on soft fruit and veg such as tomatoes or bananas, you'll just end up with mush. Make sure your cheese is hard, anything even slightly creamy sticks together and instead of nice even gratings you end up with gooey lumps. I tried it on cheddar and still ended up with lumps, especially on the fine grater. It was excellent with Parmesan though. Finally if you value your eyes and want evenly diced onion do it by hand. It squirted out so much juice the whole family had stinging eyes, even those not in the kitchen. I thought I'd gone blind and still ended up having to chop some of the bigger pieces by hand as they were too big for what I wanted. It you've got a really hard veg such as swede slicing seems to be the only option, it certainly wouldn't dice.

Now of course I'm still learning with this machine and maybe the more I use it the better I'll get. Yes it has saved me time this week, and sliced fingers, but it isn't as good with everything as I'd hoped it would be.

I'm feeling a bit better and slightly alarmed.

Reading the leaflets I got with my throat medicine I discovered a rather worrying thing, especially as I take inhaled corticosteroids. If you take a lot of these inhaled medicines you are more prone to throat infections or, even worse, thrush. The problems is that no matter how hard or deep you suck some of the drug will land in your mouth or the back of your throat and stay there until you swill it away. This can interfere with the delicate balance of bacteria that lives in your mouth and throat and set off fungal infections etc. The danger with thrush is that untreated it can travel down into your lungs, something all PHer's or anyone suffering with lung problems need to be aware of. The prevention is very, very simple thankfully. Swill and gargle with water after taking your inhalers. This will wash the stuff away and if you want to be doubly sure swallow a bit of fresh water, not the stuff you gargled with, to ensure nothing sticks in your throat.

Now I've been on these inhalers for years, long before I got PH, and have never once been told to swill my mouth after using them. If you use or you know someone who does please warn them because the medical profession seems incapable of doing so.

The doctor didn't say I had thrush but I'm willing to bet that was why she took a swab, to check.

Having said that my throat is more comfortable today but my voice is still squeaky. Overall I'm still pretty tired but feeling not too bad. I'm living on soft foods, yogurt, soup, fruit but I don't mind at least I can eat all the stuff I love.

As I don't feel that unwell I went out briefly to supervise the Tesco shop, if I left it to my men it would cost twice as much and they still won't have what I want, and witnessed a shoplifting attempt. The chase left the shop and carried on outside. I'm not sure if they caught him, I hope so, thieving scum bag. The fresh air did me good but I was almost dead on my feet coming back. The rest of the day is going to be spent with my feet up doing nothing, followed by a long sleep and we'll see what tomorrow will bring.

Excited as Laurence is coming to lunch tomorrow. Doubly excited because my cousin has booked her tickets and will be here in December. I'm hoping I'll have had my transplant by then so I'll be fit enough to really enjoy her visit. Here's hoping.

Well the settee calls, until tomorrow.