Friday, 23 August 2013

When Sliver Turns To Gold

Yesterday I arrived home from work, went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and glanced out of the window.

To my utter dismay I saw a few flecks of yellow among the green of the Silver Birch. September is only next week and autumn is already making it's presence felt. Now I love autumn, it is my favourite time of year but it's arrival always catches me by surprise and makes me feel sad that the opportunity for sitting in the garden and reading is fast diminishing. I always imagine myself sitting outside on a crisp sunny autumn day, wrapped in blankets, a steaming cup of tea by my side and perfectly happy. In reality the effort of setting up the furniture and taking everything I need to keep warm out into the garden is just too much effort.

Goodbye until next year.
Part of the problem is my PH. I feel the cold more than I used too and cold air badly affects my breathing. So in order to enjoy any cold day I have to resemble Scott of the Antarctic. Wearing so much clothing tends to take the enjoyment away. Maybe I'll find it easier after my transplant.

Talking of which it is now eight months since I went on the list and I've finally stopped jumping when the phone rings. In fact now I look on rogue phone calls with a mixture of resignation and disappointed. When I first went on the list I was excited and, probably foolishly, convinced I'd be getting a call almost as soon as I'd arrived home from hospital. In fairness some of my expectations had been fuelled by the transplant coordinators telling me that although they couldn't say when I would get my call, 'it could be tonight, tomorrow or next week'. Yes they did also say I should be prepared for a long wait and also consider the possibility that my call might never come. Being forever the optimist I didn't really consider that as a possibility but now the reality has kicked in and I've bedded down for a long wait.

Right! Enough of feeling sorry for myself, how was my return to work?

Well I have to admit on Wednesday I really thought I'd made a mistake. I also thought I was coming down with another chest infection as my chest hurt. However Thursday was much better as I got into my stride. However I don't think I was functioning at my best and I found it difficult to concentrate. I now have three days off so I'll rest up and hope I'm back to fully functioning by Monday.
Last night was the start of Celebrity Big Brother. Last year I watched the first show to see if there was anyone worth watching, there wasn't so I gave it a miss. This year I couldn't even bring myself to watch the opener and having now seen the list of who is in there I'm glad I didn't waste my time. I only knew two names for sure and neither held any particular interest.

In the news I have to say I am alarmed and sadden by the news coming out of Syria. How any leader in his right mind could poison his own people, especially women and children, is beyond me. As horrible as this event was I'm hopeful that some good will come of it. Saddam Hussain did something similar and look what happened to him.

Well it is grocery day and I need to get myself into gear and get on with it. Then I'm battening down the hatches until Monday and resting. One day I'll be able to tell you I am spending my weekend climbing a mountain or walking around a country house with a lot of gardens. Wouldn't that be nice?