Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kicking Back With The Kitties.

Well yesterday went surprisingly quickly considering how little I did. Mostly I sat on the settee with the cats, one on my lap and one curled up against my leg, and watched some DVD's while demolishing a bag of cherries. The rest has done me the world of good though and I feel much better than of late. So I intend to continue the good work today, though I do have to iron my work uniform at some point.

Today I am going to be having a go with my new gadget though, so that will add a bit of excitement to the day. I'm making a quiche for lunch so will use it to chop the onion, slice the mushrooms and grate the cheese. Then later on I'm making up a feta cheese salad for lunch tomorrow and will be using it to grate carrot, slice cucumber, shred lettuce and dice peppers, so it is going to get a good test. I'll report back on that on Tuesday.

As I've said before Tuesday is our thirtieth wedding anniversary so we've both taken the day off to spend together. The only thing we've planned is a long leisurely pub lunch and a kick back with a glass of wine and a good film in the evening. We are both back in work the next day so can't go overboard and have the whole bottle. If the weather is nice we'll go out and about with our camera's, if it's bad we'll kick back in front of the TV or, if in the mood, play a board game. Though to be honest I think after a heavy lunch we'll probably end up snoozing on the sofa like a couple of old pensioners.

Arrrggghhh! If only I was well, then we'd have taken a week off and gone to Rome but I'm grounded so this is the best we can manage for now.

Peter's present arrived safe and sound and is now hiding in Andrew's room, I'm so excited as I know he is going to love it to bits. All I've got to do now is try and find a time when he's out so I can wrap the thing.

Once again I am typing this under extremely difficult circumstances. Smirnoff has decided that the only place to sleep this morning is my desk, again. I've tried turfing him off but his paws seem to be spring loaded and he's back before he even touches the ground. After a lot of experimentation he finally found a way to fit on but he looks far from comfortable. Silly cat!

I had the misfortune to watch the new puppet show thing on the BBC last night. I can't recall the name but that's probably because it was so awful I didn't feel the need to remember it. What a waste of the ten minutes I stuck with it. There seemed to be a lot of noise, colour that hurt your eyes and not a lot else. I know I sound old but I really long for programmes like The Morecombe and Wise Show, the Generation Game or Only Fools and Horses. All made me rock with laughter and there was never any coarseness to it. Now it seems it's only funny when you swear or violence is involved. So sad.

I got a text from Andrew who seems to be enjoying his current placement. So far the highlights seem to be canulating a patient in the back of a moving ambulance and getting it in first time. Dealing with a woman cover head to foot in vomit, not all of it hers, and he's finally dealt with his first heart attack victim and had to do chest compressions. Now all that may not sound that exciting to you but when you've got a list of things you have to get signed off to pass the year they are very important mile stones. Well two of them are, I don't suppose he has to get dealing with women covered in vomit signed off as an essential part of training.

I'm so pleased for him as getting a heart attack patient is much rarer that you might think and it was one of the absolute musts as he could get loads of things signed off at once. Otherwise it is piecemeal and you can't guarantee getting all the elements you need to pass. No doubt I'll be getting the whole story blow by blow when I see him briefly on Wednesday.

No news from Laurence but then I usually only hear from him on Sundays so I'm expecting a call this evening. He has a couple of weeks off now and I'm hoping we can get together and have a meal or something, hopefully next weekend when both Peter and I are off.

Well that's it for now. I'll report back on my gadget and finally tell you what Peter's present is on Tuesday.