Saturday, 9 March 2013

Why Is Nothing Ever Easy?

Well I knew it was too simple, I just knew it.

I got a call from the garage yesterday to say that the car they had just sold me wasn't mine because it had been sold to someone else even before they sold it to me. How can that be? Now I have choice of getting the vehicle in white, possibly my least favourite colour in the whole world, or waiting three months. Arrrggghhh! A three month wait means I'll have to go through the pain, agony and expense of getting my current car through it's MOT again. Don't get me wrong, I was going to do this anyway in order to sell it, but at a more leisurely pace and it wouldn't be disaster if it failed first time around. I cannot believe there is only one Alfa Romeo available in the whole country, it just doesn't make sense and am beginning to wonder whether the garage is just trying to pull a fast one. I mean surely dealers keep stocks, at least of the more popular models and colours, so that customers don't have to wait if they order a standard model? I also don't like the way the salesman was insistent that I take the white as that 'will probably sold by tomorrow'. My instinct, if pressured, is to dig my heals in and not budge but I want the peace of mind of reliability. The salesman has generously agree to give my until this afternoon to make up my mind and in the meantime he will 'scour the country for a different colour', I bet he doesn't find one. So it was a restless night for me as I mulled over my choices and I still have not come to any decision. What to do?

My drugs finally arrived at ten to twelve so after a quick lunch we went out and did our shopping. It was horrible outside, cold and damp and the fog didn't lift all day. Even worse the place was packed out with pensioners who seemed to have gathered for a social event as all they were doing was standing around chatting and blocking the aisles. They all also appeared to be deaf as 'excuse me's' didn't shift them. As a result, what should have been a twenty minute job, stretched to almost an hour and we were both grumpy leaving.

Back home the mood soon improved as we tucked in to some chocolate doughnuts and hot tea while we put the shopping away. And then I sat down to watch some day time TV while Peter got on the phone to call other Alfa dealers to see what they said about availability. After half an hour he emerged frustrated to say he'd rung four and they were all going to ring him back, we are still waiting for those calls. Honestly it is almost as though they don't want to sell any cars. I'm half tempted to give up and go for a Mini instead, my second choice.

In the news I see the pretty boy is getting himself into even more trouble.

After the late arrival at his first gig, which was Monday not Tuesday as previously stated, he then went for the sympathy vote by claiming to be breathless. However he still managed to get a photo of himself, naked to the waist I might add, out to 'reassure his fans that he was OK. Anyone else think this 'sexy', and I use the word very loosely, picture jarred a bit considering his target audience are at an age when they should still be playing with teddy bares? Anyway I digress, his latest public outing yesterday  was probably the cherry on the cake. Dressed in a very silly hat and jumper combo in a colour which screamed 'look at me' he obviously didn't want to be looked at especially by photographers. The result was a teen tantrum that any two year old would be proud of. I'll miss him when he's gone, no one has managed to keep me laughing so hard, for so long, in ages.

Also in the news aging footballer Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne was pictured returning home after drying out in a remote clinic in America. I have to say he looked worse coming out than he did going in but that's just my opinion. Apparently Gazza has announced that he'll 'never drink again', haven't we heard that before somewhere? Oh yes, aging footballer George Best said it several times then drank himself to death and wasted a liver transplant that someone else would have treasured.

The problem with Gazza is he never got over no longer being the young man women drooled over and young men wanted to emulate. Coupled with that was the fact that his short period in the spotlight gained him much wealth which he subsequently drank in order to forget what he had been. Over the years he has lost everything to an extent that friends had to rally round to pay for the latest stint of rehab. I hope it works for him, I really do but I can't help thinking that this time next year he'll be back to square one or worse.

I have just received the most wonderful Mother's Day card from Laurence, it will be displayed in pride of place in my bedroom and all over facebook. Well why not, it is only once a year.